• Forming a Local Chapter


    Chapter FormingThe ACFE encourages its members to form and support local chapters. Local chapters not only help anti-fraud professionals further develop their skills, but the chapter becomes a pillar in the community. ACFE chapters are located throughout the world. Click here for a list of chapters and the chapter officers.

    If you didn’t find a chapter near you, and you are interested in starting one, below are some of the requirements of a local chapter: 

    At least twenty (20) ACFE members from a given area must agree to form a local chapter and sign a petition. Ten (10) signatures must be from CFEs.

    Each chapter must elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer.

    Local chapters must hold at least four meetings annually.

    Membership in the chapter is limited to CFE and Associate members of the ACFE. Non-ACFE members may attend meetings, but they cannot belong to the local chapter.


    The petition needed to form a local chapter is available through the Chapter Development Manager. Please contact chapters@ACFE.com to receive your copy. The petition must be signed by at least twenty (20) ACFE members in that given area. Ten (10) signatures must be from CFEs. Additional signatures may be obtained and submitted.

    Once the petition to form a local chapter is completed, the information should be returned to the ACFE’s Chapter Development Manager.


    Chapter Handbook 

    Chapter Bylaws 

    Chapter Affiliation Agreement