• Local Chapter FAQs

    Who can form a Chapter?
    Any ACFE member in good standing may request to form a chapter.

    How many people are needed to form a chapter?
    A chapter needs to have at least 20 members in order to be chartered. Ten of these have to be Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs).

    Why should I join a local chapter? 

    Local chapters give you the opportunity to meet with other anti-fraud professionals in your area and build strong business and personal relationships with those professionals. Chapters also provide quality, inexpensive training on all the latest fraud topics.

    Can any person join a chapter?
    Only ACFE members can join a chapter. Other individuals may be affiliated with the chapter and attend chapter meetings as guests but they are not permitted to join the chapter. These individuals are encouraged to join the ACFE to begin enjoying the benefits of membership and to be eligible to join the chapter.

    How do we find other members who might want to join a chapter?
    Contact the ACFE Chapter Development Manager for assistance.

    Can there be more than one chapter serving the same community? 

    Chapters are not chartered with exclusive "rights" to a community of interest so it is permitted. However, in general, unless there is a demonstrated need it is unlikely. If a chapter is too large to manage with the resources available to it then a second chapter would be considered.

    Can organizations join a chapter? 

    No. Chapters are made up of individual members. Multiple ACFE members from an organization may join the chapter.

    How much extra does it cost to join a chapter? 

    There is no fee charged by the ACFE to join a chapter. A chapter may charge a fee as part of its membership model. The chapter may also collect fees for participation in its activities.

    How much do chapters charge for their meetings? 

    Meeting fees vary with each chapter and it is recommended you contact the chapter closest to you to learn more about their training schedule.

    How often do chapters meet? 

    Chapters can meet monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Many chapters also hold one and two-day training events.

    How long are the meetings? 

    Most chapters have meetings that last 1-2 hours. All-day events are generally eight hours.

    Are there volunteer opportunities available? 

    There are many volunteer opportunities in a chapter. Volunteering gives you the chance to develop your leadership skills while serving in your local community.