Ethics CPE Requirements for CFEs

CFEs are required to earn two ethics CPE credits each year, because ethics are fundamental to the work that CFEs do and the way they do that work. 

An organization’s ethical culture (or lack thereof) can have a significant impact on the incidence of fraud. CFEs need to understand ethics and how to develop programs to cultivate an ethical culture as part of a comprehensive anti-fraud strategy. 

The work that CFEs do can have enormous repercussions on the reputation, livelihood or even the freedom of people involved. It is therefore crucial that CFEs adhere to the highest ethical standards at all times, and that they understand the implications and nuances involved in doing so. 

What Qualifies as Ethics CPE 

In general, courses that focus on the following topics will meet this requirement:

  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Ethical practice in business
  • Personal ethics
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Corporate ethics 

ACFE courses that count towards meeting the ethics CPE requirement are marked with this icon: acfe_ethics_icon

CPE earned from other organizations qualifies if the topic or field of study is listed above.