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    Certification Checklist 


    Passing the CFE Exam is only one component of earning your credential. Use this checklist to meet the additional requirements prior to attending the CFE Exam Review Course and be on your way to receiving your credential faster.


    Check the following steps or requirements off as you complete them. Download a printable version.

    I am an Associate Member in good standing.

    I meet the minimum education and experience qualifications.

    I have submitted the CFE Exam application.

    I have submitted proof of my education.

    I have submitted three CFE Candidate Recommendation Forms.

    I have begun studying for the CFE Exam by using the CFE Exam Prep Course.


    Contact your dedicated CFE Exam Coach for more information:
    Angela Fletcher
    (800) 245-3321 / +1 (512) 478-9000


    Note: You will receive your official certification after the Certification Committee has evaluated all of your documents and exam. Those who have attained the CFE credential will be invoiced at the CFE dues rate upon annual membership renewal.