Career Path: Investigation

Individuals working in the public or private sector are central in the investigation step of the fraud examination process. Investigators in the public sector can work at the federal, state or local level in positions ranging from local police detectives to federal special agents. Investigators in the private sector work in loss prevention, independent or agency private investigations and internal or external fraud analysis. The nature of the work often depends on the place of employment, location and the size of organization.

Public-Sector Investigator 

There are countless agencies employing investigators at the federal, state and local levels. Positions range from local police detectives to special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Investigators at the state and local levels investigate criminal cases and typically specialize in one type of crime, such as white-collar crime or financial crime. Special agents at the federal level conduct investigations for criminal violations of federal laws and regulations. Learn more.

Private-Sector Investigator 

Private-sector investigators work in the loss prevention department for retail and warehouse security, as independent or agency private investigators, or as internal or external fraud analysts for an organization. Most businesses that possess an inventory of goods in a warehouse or retail environment have a Loss Prevention (LP) department committed to reducing inventory shrinkage and preventing retail larceny. Private investigators gather facts and collect evidence to conduct investigations into a variety of different crimes. Internal fraud analysis is primarily concerned with monitoring a company’s own employees, whereas external fraud analysis deals with outside fraudsters. Learn more.