• Brand Standards

    ACFE Brand Standards are designed to help you promote yourself and your affiliation with the ACFE. In this section and in the Brand Guidebook, you will find information on which logos to use, technical guidelines for how to use them, and pointers to templates and examples.

    PLEASE NOTE: It is important for all ACFE members to adhere to these guidelines.
    Thanks to the efforts of thousands of dedicated anti-fraud professionals, the ACFE brand is associated with credibility, integrity and professionalism. Following these guidelines will help ensure that the ACFE continues to have these positive associations and that you get the most value from your ACFE membership.

    We ask that you follow these standards precisely. If you have any questions about these brand standards or how a logo should be used in a particular application, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

    Brand Guidebook
    Your first step is to download the ACFE Brand Guidebook: A Comprehensive Guide for Associate Members and Certified Fraud Examiners. Make sure to read these guidelines thoroughly. Once you have read and reviewed the Brand Guidebook you may download logos and templates below. If you require additional logo formats or templates, please contact us.

    Finally, we recommend sending your final materials to the ACFE for approval. Please send final proofs to Helen Elliott, Senior Graphic Designer, at helliott@ACFE.com


    Business Card Template (Microsoft Word format)
    Letterhead Template (Microsoft Word format)
    PowerPoint Template (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

    Two-color logo: High/Print Resolution | Low/Web Resolution
    Two-color reverse logo: High/Print Resolution | Low/Web Resolution
    One-color logo: High/Print Resolution | Low/Web Resolution
    White-only logo: High/Print Resolution | Low/Web Resolution
    Black-only logo: High/Print Resolution | Low/Web Resolution
    Social Media: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | E-Mail Signature
    Download all logo formats (compressed WinZip file)

    Legal Notice: By downloading the artwork from the links above, you understand and agree that the ACFE is granting you a revocable, non-exclusive license to use ACFE trademarks only in conjunction and compliance with the ACFE Trademark Usage Guidelines. The ACFE reserves the right to review any work produced using this artwork and may at any time require such artwork to be revised or removed at the cost of the individual or company responsible.