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Six candidates have been selected to compete for two positions on the 2019-2020 Board of Regents. The board sets standards to promote professionalism and ensure the reputation of the CFE credential. Beginning November 1 and ending December 31, CFEs can vote for their selections to replace two retiring Board of Regents members. The newly elected Regents will be installed in February 2019 and will each serve a two-year term.

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The six Candidates for 2019-2020 Board of Regents are below.

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Ryan Duquette, CFE, CFCE
Hexigent Consulting
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Ryan Duquette, CFE, CFCE, the founder and a principal of Hexigent Consulting, has more than 18 years of investigative experience focusing on fraud and digital forensic investigations and cybersecurity services. Duquette works with clients involved in workplace investigations and civil litigation matters, including intellectual property thefts, human resources and fraud investigations, and cyberdata breaches. During his previous law enforcement career, Duquette worked on a large-scale, multiyear fraud case partnering with Big-4 accounting firms. He conducted hundreds of digital investigations on a variety of criminal cases including homicides, child pornography, frauds, missing persons and sexual assaults. He’s also been an expert witness several times. Duquette is extremely passionate about protecting potential victims of fraud and cybercrimes, he says. He presents at community events and conferences, and in media appearances, and he writes blogs and magazine articles. He’s a sessional lecturer at the University of Toronto. He holds a master’s degree in digital forensics management, and several digital forensics and fraud certifications. Duquette is a director of the ACFE Toronto Chapter and has helped organize and presented at chapter events. He’s also taught at the ACFE Fraud Conference Canada and Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference. Duquette wrote the September/October 2016 Fraud Magazine cover article, “Insider threats! Using digital forensics to prevent intellectual property theft.”

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Eric R. Feldman, CFE, CIG, CCEP-I
Affiliated Monitors Inc.
Los Angeles, California

Eric R. Feldman, CFE, CIG, CCEP-I, is senior vice president and managing director, corporate ethics and compliance programs, for Affiliated Monitors Inc. He’s the lead independent monitor for assisting companies to resolve fraud and corruption-related cases, matters involving federal suspension and debarment actions, federal regulatory court orders, and deferred or non-prosecution agreements with the U.S. Department of Justice. He also conducts global proactive assessments of corporate ethical culture and compliance programs. Feldman joined Affiliated Monitors after retiring from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2011. He enjoyed a 32-year career with the CIA and the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, including executive positions with Offices of Inspector General at the Department of Defense, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA. He also was the longest-serving inspector general of the National Reconnaissance Office. Feldman is a member of the ACFE faculty. He’s been a CFE since 1991. He’s a sought-after speaker and author on procurement fraud detection and prevention, bribery and corruption, and corporate business ethics and compliance. Feldman was the 2018 recipient of the ACFE James R. Baker Speaker of the Year Award.

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Robert E. Holtfreter, Ph.D., CFE, CICA
Central Washington University
Ellensburg, Washington

Robert E. Holtfreter, Ph.D., CFE, CICA, is the Distinguished Professor of Accounting & Research at Central Washington University where he has taught the fraud examination course for 15 years. He’s been president or chairman of numerous academic, professional and civic organizations, and is a member of the ACFE’s Pacific Northwest and Spokane chapters. Holtfreter has been an invited speaker at several groups’ events, including the FBI/National White-Collar Crime Center’s fraud summit in 2006 and the Washington Society of CPAs/ACFE Northwest Pacific Chapter’s annual fraud conference in 2012. Holtfreter serves on the ACFE’s Advisory Council and Editorial Advisory Committee. He’s written 23 feature articles in Fraud Magazine and 60 “Taking Back the ID” columns for the publication. His 15 major awards for teaching, service and research include the ACFE’s annual Outstanding Achievement in Anti-Fraud Education, Educator of the Year and Hubbard (for the best feature Fraud Magazine article in a calendar year). Holtfreter serves on the advisory councils for the White-Collar Crime Consortium and the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), an independent equity research organization based in New York. He’s also a paid consultant in the accounting, auditing and fraud areas for GLG clients.

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Maheswari Kanniah, CFE, FCIS
Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Maheswari Kanniah, CFE, FCIS, is the group chief regulatory and compliance officer of Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (KIBB), chairman of the bank’s Group Tender and Procurement Committee and a member of the Kenanga Group’s Executive and Talent Management Committee. As the chairman of the the Malaysian Investment Banking Association Compliance Committee, Kanniah participated in various consultation papers and discussions with the Malaysia Securities Commission, Malaysia Stock Exchange and the Central Bank of Malaysia. She was part of the Malaysia Securities Commission’s steering committee for the formation of the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Capital Market and was a member of the Licensing Examinations Review Committee of the Securities Industry Development Corporation. Kanniah was also a member of the Finance Accreditation Agency Moderation Committee for the discipline of corporate governance. With 41 years in the financial industry, Kanniah has conducted various investigations in capital market areas and in anti-money laundering. Kanniah has been an active sportswoman. In the early ’80s, she captained the Malaysian hockey team at international games. She’s a member of the of the Olympic Council Malaysia Women and Sports Committee, member of the Federation of International Hockey Finance Risk and Compliance Committee, and vice president of the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association.

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Bethmara Kessler, CFE, CISA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bethmara Kessler, CFE, CISA, has been a fraud fighter for more than 25 years. She’s been a lecturer, consultant, advisor and thought leader to businesses on fraud, audit, compliance and enterprise risk management. She’s on the ACFE faculty and its Advisory Board. Kessler is the former head of integrated global services for the Campbell Soup Company. She’s been a chief audit executive, chief compliance officer and head of enterprise risk management in a range of industries and companies including EY, Nabisco, Avon, EMI, L Brands, The Fraud and Risk Advisory Group and Warner Music. She says she builds capability that enables companies to be proactive in their fight against fraud and develops unique approaches to data mining for fraud and realistic anti-fraud practices and policies. Her extensive experience leading corporate investigations and re-designing vulnerable business processes has significantly helped reduce fraud risk, she says. Kessler is highly invested in helping others learn and succeed, she says. She mentors numerous professionals and volunteers at local colleges and universities “to bring fraud concepts to life for students,” she says. Industry magazines have published several articles by Kessler, and she’s contributed material to the Fraud Examiners Manual and Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business, edited by Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA.

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Ian A. Younger, CFE, CMgr
City of London Police’s Professional Standards Directorate
City of London, United Kingdom

Ian A. Younger, CFE, CMgr, has been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 2003, is a Chartered Manager and holds the equivalent of a Master’s degree in Advanced Professional Investigatory Practice. He’s the deputy director of the City of London Police’s Professional Standards Directorate (PSD), which is responsible for policing the financial district, is the national lead force for fraud working closely with the National Crime Agency and the Serious Fraud Office, and is responsible for Action Fraud — the U.K. fraud-reporting facility plus the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. As PSD’s deputy director, Younger is responsible for enforcing standards of professional behavior against the City of London Police Code of Ethics and for Counter Corruption, which also includes ensuring national security through force vetting. Younger has been an expert consultant for the U.K. National Audit Office and for Transparency International — the global anti-corruption coalition. He has submitted papers to the U.K. Government Select Committee on Whistleblowing. In the private sector, Younger has developed and implemented counter-fraud, risk management and anti-bribery programs in compliance with the U.K. Bribery Act. He’s a past president of the U.K. ACFE chapter.

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