• ACFE Faculty

    Walter W. Manning, CFE
    Techno-Crime Institute      


    Walt Manning is an investigations futurist who researches how technology is transforming crime, and how governments, legal systems, law enforcement and investigations will need to evolve to meet these new challenges. Manning started his career in law enforcement with the Dallas Police Department, and then went on to manage e-discovery and digital forensics services for major criminal and civil litigation matters all over the world.

    Manning is an internationally recognized speaker and author, known for his ability to identify current and impending threats from technology and advising his clients and audiences about ways to minimize their risk. In addition to many published articles, he has been interviewed and widely quoted in the media as an expert on topics related to technology crime and investigations.

    Manning’s 40 years of experience in law enforcement, investigations, and management has given him a unique perspective to visualize the future of investigations, security, and new trends in techno-crimes.