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Thomas A. Caulfield
Chief Operating Officer of Procurement                    
Integrity Consulting Services


Tom Caulfield is the Chief Operating Officer, of Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, LLC, a woman-owned small business that assist clients in driving a business environment committed to honest, fair, impartial and legal procurements (i.e. procurement integrity). Caulfield is the co-designer of the PICS Procurement Integrity Control System®, a proprietary internal control model designed to mitigate the inherent risk to procurement fraud and abuse, thus safeguarding organizational reputation; reducing financial losses; minimizing opportunities for contract termination or litigation; and achieving competitive advantage. Procurement Integrity Consulting Services also performs procurement fraud risk assessments and available for customized training on the most prevalent procurement fraud and abuse schemes used in today's contracting environment along with the most successful proactive and reactive strategies against those same threats.


Prior to Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, Caulfield started his professional career in military service beginning in 1977 in the United States Marine Corps, retiring in 1998. His professional career continued as a civil servant in the United States Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE). During his 38 years of government service, his assignments included a full range of responsibilities at both the senior executive and program management levels in law enforcement, criminal investigations, anti-fraud strategies, white-collar crime investigations, polygraph, counter-intelligence, internal oversight, and professional development and training.


He was a member of the Department of Justice National Procurement Fraud Task-Force and the architect to what became an amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation requiring mandatory disclosure by federal government contractors of certain violations of federal criminal law and the civil False Claims Act. He developed and managed the first Intelligence Community Procurement Integrity Assurance Program which focused on enhancing the integrity of classified procurements by preventing, deterring, and detecting procurement fraud and abuse. Caulfield is a frequent instructor at both domestic and international forms and has published and co-published several articles with his business partner Ms. Sheryl Steckler on subjects related to the anatomy of procurement fraud, procurement fraud schemes and the profile of the procurement fraudster. His material has been referenced in various federal reports and book publications. Some of the articles can be found at: Caulfield currently holds various certifications including Certified Inspector General, Certified Inspector General Investigator, and Certified Fraud Examiner.