• ACFE Faculty


    Rebecca S. Busch, RN, CFE, CCM
    President and CEO,
    Medical Business Associates Inc.

    rebecca-busch-150x225.jpgRebecca S. Busch is President and CEO of Medical Business Associates Inc. (MBA) a healthcare consulting, auditing and forensic services firm. Busch founded MBA in 1991 with the vision of delivering a multi-disciplined approach to improved profitability to clients by conducting comprehensive audits for patients, employers, providers, various healthcare vendors, drug manufacturers and insurance companies. The highly developed niche areas are derived by combining multi-specialty clinical professionals and integrating finance, audit and fraud examination into the scope of practice resulting in a blended clinical and financial perspective. This edge combined with her proprietary methodology employs statistical analysis of claims, e-health data, PHI, compliance requirements and procedural data specifically targeted to identify the most probable areas of operational breakdowns, fraud exposure, financial errors, and medical errors and cost savings.


    Busch is an active member in the local and national healthcare, philanthropic and professional community, who has served on various boards. Her current board appointments include: CommunityHealth, Latinos in Information Science & Technology Association (LISTA), Association of Internal Auditors (AHIA) editorial committee, Robert Morris Health Care Administration Program Advisory Board, and ACFE Chicago where she is the Chapter Vice President and newsletter editor. In the board room, she uses her professional experience and leadership skills in order to achieve results with integrity, effectively integrating community stakeholders, all while maintaining focus on corporate missions.


    Busch continues to maintain academic and professional development through various credentials, certifications and participates as a professional mentor. Leadership and professional achievements have been recognized through various awards and honors. Her entrepreneurial professional driven career has resulted in various proprietary audit platforms in multi-market verticals in healthcare, several patents, authorship of more than 200 articles, books and presentations to consumers, government, corporate and professional entities. Recognized as an expert in her field, she has provided public testimony, participation in the development of best practice standards, public policy discussions and forensic expert testimony in both federal and state court.