• ACFE Faculty

    Cary Moore, CFE
    Chief Executive Officer,                    
    MegaByte Security

    Cary MooreWith a career distinguished by 14 years of highly decorated service to the U.S. Air Force, of which seven were as a federal agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Cary Moore has more than 17 years of specialized experience in cybersecurity, enterprise forensics, and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM). Focusing on counterintelligence and counterespionage, he brings a unique perspective to insider threats and protecting some of the most sensitive data.

    Prior to his current role, he served as a senior vice president, cyber intelligence and emerging threats manager at Bank of America. As a banking-industry specialist, Moore developed new ways to rob a bank and banking customers, then devised controls to prevent such fraud from realization. Currently, he is an associate partner for the IBM Red Cell Team where he conducts dark web intelligence-gathering operations to identify compromised accounts, and get in front of fraud. Moore is also chief executive officer of MegaByte Security, a private consulting firm specializing in the secure management of information systems in the age of cyber terrorism and warfare, developing customized training and solution plans for the private and federal public sectors.

    Most recently, Moore earned his master’s in business administration from the University of Texas in San Antonio and works primarily out of his office near Blackwater Bay, Florida.