• ACFE Faculty


    Allen F. Brown, CFE, CPA-Retired
    Former Assistant Legislative Auditor

    allen-brown-150x225.jpgAllen Brown is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe and is a CPA-Retired and CFE. Brown, now retired, was assistant legislative auditor for the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office. In this position, he oversaw investigations and matters related to local government audits and issues. Brown spent 21 years with the Legislative Auditor’s Office and has participated in more than 250 investigative audits. Results of these audits included felony convictions of four sheriffs, three of whom went to prison. As a result of an investigative audit of the Department of Elections, the statewide elected commissioner of elections was also convicted of felony charges and sentenced to prison, and more than 25 others were indicted and convicted, including vendors from New Jersey, Florida and Alabama. Subsequent to this project, the department was eliminated by the state legislature. 

    Brown's experience also includes 8½ years as director of internal audit for the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. This system has 49 campuses throughout the state. Prior to joining the Community & Technical College System, Brown was practice leader for forensic and investigative services for the international firm of Deloitte & Touche. While with Deloitte & Touche, he directed projects in the continental U.S., Hawaii, Mexico, Bermuda, Morocco and the U.K. Brown also worked with one of the major U.S. law firms in three major lawsuits involving the tobacco industry.