• Awards & Recognition

    Cressey Awward Winner Lisa OsofskyEvery year, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners recognizes exceptional individuals for their contributions to the fight against fraud. These professionals provide an inspiration to others, and we are proud to honor them for their service.

    The Cressey Award 
    Established in 1989, the Cressey Award is the ACFE's highest honor. It is bestowed annually for a lifetime of achievement in the detection and deterrence of fraud. The Cressey Award is named in honor of one of the country's foremost experts on fraud and a founding father of the ACFE, Dr. Donald R. Cressey (1919-1987). Cressey Award winners include:

    2021: Professor Thulisile Madonsela
    2020: Jules Kroll
    2019: Lisa Osofsky
    2018: Sir Rob Wainwright
    2017: Jennifer Shasky Calvery
    2016: Jed S. Rakoff
    2015: Leslie R. Caldwell
    2014: Martin Kenney
    2013: Preet Bharara
    2012: Joseph Ford
    2011: John C. Coffee, Jr.
    2010: Ralph Q. Summerford
    2009: James H. Freis Jr.
    2008: Martin T. Biegelman
    2007: Rosalind Wright
    2006: Grant D. Ashley
    2005: James D. Ratley
    2004: Richard Johnston
    2003: Joseph R. Dervaes
    2002: Mary Jo White
    2001: Henry N. Pontell, PhD
    2000: John Stossel

    Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award 
    First awarded to Oscar-Winning actor Cliff Robertson in 2003, the ACFE's Sentinel Award carries the inscription "For Choosing Truth Over Self." This award is bestowed annually on a person who, without regard to personal or professional consequences, has publicly disclosed wrongdoing in business or government. Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award winners include:

    2021: The ACORN 8
    2020: Howard Wilkinson
    2019: Tyler Shultz
    2018: Kathe Swanson
    2017: Dr. Sam Foote
    2016: Anthony Menendez
    2015: James Holzrichter
    2014: Dinesh Thakur
    2013: Shi min Fang
    2012: Michael Woodford
    2011: William H. McMasters
    2010: Amy Lail Stroupe
    2009: Pamela Davis
    2008: Mark Lund
    2007: William Sanjour
    2006: Bunnatine Greenhouse
    2005: Dr. David Graham
    2004: Marta Andreasen
    2003: Cliff Robertson

    Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year
    The Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year Award is presented to a CFE who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of fraud examination. Nominees are evaluated based on their contributions to the ACFE, to the profession, and to the community. Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year Award winners include:

    2021: Timothy Troy Pikas
    2020: Sudhir Gidwani, CFE
    2019: Norm DeBoer
    2018: David Cotton
    2017: John Fisher Weber
    2016: Muna Buchahin Abulhosn
    2015: Natasha Novikov
    2014: Nancy Rich
    2013: Jeffrey Matthews
    2012: Sidney Philip Blum
    2011: Timothy R. Reddick
    2010: Mark Zmigrodski
    2009: Harry Markopolos
    2008: Michael Mayhan
    2007: Phil Levi
    2006: Isabel M. Cumming
    2005: Clifford J. Coutcher
    2004: Jerry Spratt
    2003: Robert DiPasquale
    2002: Ed Madge

    Outstanding Achievement in Community Service
    The ACFE believes strongly that members should be active contributors to their communities and committed to helping improve the quality of life where they live and work. The recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Community Service award must demonstrate that he or she has been an active volunteer in projects that have resulted in a recognized improvement of their community. This can be demonstrated by the commitment of time or donations to a charitable cause. Outstanding Achievement in Community Service Award winners include:

    2021: Tebogo Khubane Manakana
    2020: Shahid Yakub
    2019: Dr. Maria Krambia-Kapardis
    2018: Camillo Afele
    2017: Garry Groom
    2016: Yarisa Walsh
    2015: Richard Belik
    2014: Herbert Snyder
    2013: Diane Minch
    2012: Carlos José Gomes Pimenta
    2011: Jay Dawdy
    2010: Marie Rice
    2009: Stacey Carr
    2008: Ricardo Castro
    2007: Joseph R. Dervaes

    The Walker Award
    The Walker Award is named for Morris R. "Red" Walker, CFE (1938-1989), a Charter Member and nationally-recognized fraud examiner. Also established in 1989, the Walker Award is given to the person receiving the highest annual score on the CFE Exam. Walker Award winners include:

    2020: Friya Randelia
    2019: Ronald Empedrad
    2018: Katharina Schicker
    2017: Julie M. McBreairty
    2016: Oluwatomi Benson
    2015: Robert Sinclair
    2014: Kate Pinder
    2013: Katalin Székely
    2012: Alexander B. Juliano
    2011: Hita van Wyk
    2010: James Cafirma
    2009: Jonathan Shek
    2008: Darryl Bromfield
    2007: Jan Vucka
    2006: Carlos Torres-Rivera
    2005: Carmen Wiechers
    2004: Tina Kim
    2003: Kerry Cone
    2002: W. Troy Bouk
    2001: Tracie A. Kraftenberg & Anne B. Ryburn
    2000: Jackalyn C. Livingston

    The Baker Award
    The James R. Baker Speaker of the Year Award is presented annually to honor an individual who has demonstrated the true spirit of leadership in communication, presentation and quality instruction. In 2008, the year of its inception, James Baker, CFE was posthumously presented with his namesake award and was recognized for his contribution to the education of fellow anti-fraud professionals as a faculty member for the ACFE. Baker Award winners include:

    2021: Bethmara Kessler
    2020: Michael Bret Hood, CFE
    2019: Jeremy Clopton
    2018: Eric Feldman
    2017: Janet McHard
    2016: Allen Brown
    2015: Ryan C. Hubbs
    2014: Tiffany Couch
    2013: Alton Sizemore
    2012: Cynthia Hetherington
    2011: Don Rabon
    2010: Dennis F. Dycus
    2009: Gerard Zack
    2008: James R. Baker

    Educator of the Year Award
    Established in 2002, the Educator of the Year award is presented to an ACFE member who has made outstanding contributions to anti-fraud education within their college or university. Educator of the Year Award winners include:

    2021: Dr. Carolyn Conn
    2020: Lawrence Hoffman, CFE
    2019: Dr. Cindy Greenman
    2018: Dan Thomas Ramey
    2017: Dr. Diane Matthews
    2016: Thomas Buckhoff
    2015: Todd DeZoort
    2014: Randall LaSalle
    2013: Dr. Douglas E. Ziegenfuss
    2012: Richard Brody
    2011: Richard Hurley
    2010: Herbert Snyder
    2009: Mary Jo Kranacher
    2008: Richard Riley
    2007: Bill Kresse
    2006: Robert E. Holtfreter
    2005: Jon D. McDowall
    2004: Haluk Gursel
    2003: Steve Albrecht
    2002: Norman Gierlasinski

    The Guardian Award
    The Guardian Award is presented annually to a journalist whose determination, perseverance and commitment to the truth has contributed significantly to the fight against fraud. Nominees are chosen based upon their contributions in exposing specific acts of fraud and white-collar crime, and/or through helping to shine a spotlight on issues central to fraud and the worldwide effort to prevent and detect it. The award inscription reads: "For Vigilance in Fraud Reporting". Guardian Award winners include:

    2021: Dan McCrum
    2020: Daphne Caruana Galizia
    2019: Bastian Obermayer
    2018: Clare Rewcastle Brown
    2017: Andrew Jennings
    2016: David Barboza
    2015: Brian Krebs
    2014: Susan Schmidt
    2013: Allan Dodds-Frank
    2012: Diana Henriques

    The Hubbard Award
    The ACFE annually presents the Hubbard Award to the best feature article in Fraud Magazine, as decided by the members of the ACFE Editorial Advisory Committee. The award honors the late Regent Emeritus Thomas Hubbard, Ph.D., CFE, former chair of the ACFE's Continuing Education Committee, and professor emeritus and former head of the accounting department at the University of Nebraska. Hubbard Award winners include:

    2021: Sophia Carlton and James Ruotolo
    2020: Anastasia Nazarova, CFE
    2019: Dr. Eric A. Kreuter
    2018: Annette Simmons-Brown
    2017: Robert Holtfreter and Adrian Harrington
    2016: Frank S. Perri and Edyta M. Mieczkowska
    2015: Thomas Baugher
    2014: Charles Piper
    2013: Ryan Hubbs
    2012: Jack W. Dorminey, A. Scott Fleming, Mary-Jo Kranacher and Richard A. Riley Jr.
    2011: Cheryl B. Hyder
    2010: Gilbert Geis
    2009: Dr. Peter Hughes, Dr. Mary Kaidonis and Dr. Urton Anderson
    2008: Haluk Gursel
    2007: Tracy L. Coenen
    2006: Herbert Snyder and James Clifton
    2005: Don Rabon
    2004: Timothy J. Springer

    Chapter of the Year Award
    The ACFE annually presents the Chapter of the Year Award to the chapter that has gone above and beyond to grow and serve its membership. This award is decided by members of the Chapter Leaders Committee. Past recipients include:

    2021: Greece Chapter
    2020: Central Ohio Chapter
    2019: Houston Area Chapter
    2018: Middle Tennessee Chapter
    2017: Tampa Bay Chapter
    2016: Heartland Chapter
    2015: Maryland Chapter
    2014: Houston Area Chapter
    2013: South Africa Chapter
    2012: DC Metro Area Chapter
    2011: Mexico City Chapter
    2010: Dallas Area Chapter

    Chapter Website of the Year
    The Chapter Website of the Year Award is awarded to a chapter who produces a website that promotes the CFE credential, provides readers with anti-fraud resources, and includes features allowing chapter members to stay connected and engaged. This award is decided by members of the Chapter Leaders Committee. Past recipients include:

    2021: South Florida Chapter
    2020: Rhode Island Chapter
    2019: Dallas Area Chapter
    2018: Germany Chapter
    2017: Houston Area Chapter
    2016: Spain Chapter