• International Women's Day

    Women in the Anti-Fraud Profession

    The ACFE Celebrates Female Fraud Fighters

    The ACFE is proud to boast more than 30,000 female members from countries all over the world. The ACFE recognizes your hard work and salutes your commitment to fighting fraud.

    Article: The real people behind identity theft statistics

    Eva Velasquez, president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, works to spread the word about the real impact of identity theft on consumers, businesses and family members. Read more.

    Podcast: How to enforce third-party audits and ensure compliance

    Natasha Williams, CFE, CIA, senior manager of global compliance at Bio-Rad Laboratories, shares advice and real-life applications on how to enforce third-party audits, as well as ensure your organization’s anti-corruption compliance on a global scale. Read more.

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    Johanna Duenser-Mardook, CFE, Vice President, Business Initiative Fraud Policy Manager, Citi
    CFE thrives on closing loopholes
    Victoria Rodriguez, CFE, Investigator, Texas Mutual Insurance
    Insurance investigation proves ideal industry for CFE
    Dr. Tonisha Pinckney, CFE, Founder, Revelatus Specialized Accounting and Consulting, LCC
    CFE emphasizes the importance of educating your community
    Sandrine Paquin-Lessard, CFE, CPA, Director of Fraud Prevention and Detection, Cogeco Communications
    Canadian CFE finds perfect fit as director of fraud prevention