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    Members in good standing of the Anti-Fraud Partnership may use the Anti-Fraud Education Partnership Logo on websites, letterhead, signage, brochures and other promotional and display materials. It may not be used on certificates, diplomas or degrees. When displaying the Anti-Fraud Education Partnership logo on a website, the graphic should link to the ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership home page at www.acfe.com/higher-ed.aspx.

    The Anti-Fraud Education Partnership Logo may not be used to indicate any kind of endorsement by the ACFE; or suggest that ACFE is the source of the goods or services offered; or to imply any kind of relationship with the ACFE aside from what is expressly permitted under these rules.


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    Legal Notice: By downloading the artwork from the links above, you understand and agree that the ACFE is granting you a revocable, non-exclusive license to use ACFE trademarks only in conjunction and compliance with the ACFE Trademark Usage Guidelines. The ACFE reserves the right to review any work produced using this artwork and may at any time require such artwork to be revised or removed at the cost of the individual or company responsible.


    For further information please contact Lupe De Leon, Anti-Fraud Education Partnership Liaison, by phone at: (800) 245-3321/+1 (512) 478-9000 or by email at HigherEd@ACFE.com.