ACFE Staff

ACFE Leadership


Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA

Headshot of Bruce Dorris

Bruce Dorris, J.D., CFE, CPA
President and CEO

Jeanette Levie

Jeanette LeVie, CFE
Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of John Gill

John D. Gill, J.D., CFE
Vice President - Education

John Warren, J.D., CFE
Vice President and
General Counsel

Jim Ratley, CFE
President Emeritus



Laura Collins
Project Manager
 Lindsay Fassauer, CFE
Assistant to the Chairman
Madeline Brezeale
Executive Administrative Assistant




Joshua Amell, CFE
Certification Manager
Jorge Benavides
Certification Administrator
Genesis Gomez
Certification Administrator 
Amanda Simms-Elias
Certification Administrator
Madeline Hegemann
Group Certification Specialist




Kevin Taparauskas, CFE
Communications Director
Sarah Thompson, CFE
Communications Manager
Roger Aradi, CFE
Digital Communications Manager
Anil Narayan, CFE
Head of Global Development
Lauren Marshall
Senior Design Manager
Laura Middleton, CFE
Partnership Manager
Ganesh Thuraisingham
Partnership Manager – Asia-Pacific
Justin Dillon, CFE
Product Manager
Nathalie Sterling
Account Executive
Jamie Pizarro
Partnership Liaison
Greg Church
Web Architect
Bret LaFontan
Video Producer
Vivian Corwin
Membership Communications Manager
Jordan Morris
Membership Communication Specialist
Rihonna Scoggins
Community Manager
Kate Pospisil, CFE
Communications Specialist 
Lora VanHoogstraat, CFE
Partnership Manager
Aimee Jost, CFE
Database Analyst
Daryl Smith II
Graphic Designer
Christopher De La Fuente, CFE
Product Specialist
Lora Paine
Web Developer

Flavia Sanches
Lead Graphic Designer





Matt Kinsey, CFE
Distribution Manager
Geoffrey Lasch
Distribution Coordinator




Leslie Simpson, CFE
Events Director
Ashlee Beck
Senior Events Planner
John Loftis, CFE
Events Manager
Valerie Dominguez
Project Manager
Lindsay Lucero
Communications Coordinator
Andrea Adams
Events Coordinator
Michael Mangalindan
Communications Specialist
Patrick Rubio
Communications Specialist
Cameron Choate
Communications Specialist
Brianna Gomez
Logistics Coordinator


Finance & Accounting


Jeannie Kwong, CFE, CPA
Jarrod Way
Senior Accountant
Jennifer Edwards, CFE
Staff Accountant
Michael Wenhold
Accounting Specialist
Karen Johnson, CFE
Billing Specialist
Anala Mazza
Accounting Coordinator 


Fraud Magazine


Paul Kilby
Jennifer Liebman
Assistant Editor


Human Resources 


Carrie Kelly, J.D., CFE
Human Resources Director
Emily Nuñez-Montes
Human Resources Manager
Sergio Ayon
Human Resources Coordinator 


Information Technology


Stephen Sebesta
Information Technology Director
Christi Thornton-Hranicky, CFE
Senior Business Analyst
Brian Potts
Application Engineering Manager
Ron Richey
Senior Network Administrator
Erin Ortiz
Support Analyst 
Gabriel Keene
Application Engineer
Robert Barnes, CFE
Network Administrator 




Jacob Parks, J.D., CFE
Associate General Counsel


Local Chapters


Joey Broccolo, CFE
Chapter Development Manager
Tim Harvey, CFE
Global Chapter Liaison




Ross Pry, CFE
Membership Director
Lupe DeLeon
Membership Manager
Logan Grace
Member Services Manager
Thomas Henley
Lead Member Services Representative
Savanah Shanks
Lead Member Services Representative
Kelsey Lawrence
Lead Member Services Representative
Lexie Farmer
Member Services Representative I
Kirsten Hayward
Member Services Representative II
Megan Lambeck
Professional Development Specialist
Jamael Harris
Higher Education Program Specialist

Amanda Drown
Member Services Representative I

Sabrina Dennis
Member Services Representative I

Isaiah Sosa
Member Services Representative I





Andi McNeal, CFE, CPA
Research Director
Yasmin Hoffmann, CFE, PMP
Research Project Manager
Amy Scott, CFE
CFE Exam Program Manager
Jonathan Kollar
CFE Exam Program Specialist
Ron Cresswell, J.D., CFE
Senior Research Specialist 
Laura Harris
Research Specialist
Mason Wilder, CFE
Research Manager
Christian Gamboa, CFE
Senior Research Editor
Jay Harward
Senior Research Editor
Eryn Moris
Research Editor



Jason Zirkle, CFE
Training Director
Jenny Carnahan
Program Manager
Angela Archie, CFE
Review Course Manager
Krysta Kay, CFE
Review Course Specialist
Dinora Soto
Review Course Coordinator
Kristen Hageman
Review Course Coordinator