• Chapter Branding


    It is important for all ACFE chapters to use their official ACFE chapter logo and follow ACFE Brand Standards. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of dedicated anti-fraud professionals, the ACFE brand is associated with credibility, integrity and professionalism. Following these guidelines will help ensure that the ACFE continues to have these positive associations.


    Chapter Logos:

    The ACFE encourages all chapters to use an official ACFE chapter logo, provided by the ACFE. To request a logo for your chapter, please email Chapters@ACFE.com. Please allow 3-5 business days for your logo to be created.



    Chapter Website Templates:

    The ACFE provides templates for local chapters to use when creating their own websites. There are two website options available to chapters.

    If you don't have prior HTML knowledge:

    The ACFE offers an option through Wordpress.com if you would like to create a website that doesn't require any prior knowledge of HTML. View an example of what our Wordpress.com template looks like.


    Though Wordpress is a blog site, it is much easier to use for those without existing HTML knowledge and yet still provides the appearance of a "real website."


    Some examples of chapters using the Wordpress option:


    Long Island Chapter  

    Brisbane Chapter  


    Adding and changing content and images works similarly to a Microsoft Word document; you will never need to look at the code.

    The basic steps for the Wordpress process are:  

    1. Send an email to Chapters@ACFE.com requesting a Wordpress template. Make sure to provide the email address that you would like to be used to create the account. If you have already previously created a Wordpress account, include the login information and password in your email.
    2. We create your account and template and then send you the login information. Please allow 5-7 business days for the template to be created.
    3. You add the content and build your site within Wordpress. We will provide you with basic instructions for making changes and adding content.
    4. You purchase an upgrade from Wordpress to map a new or existing domain name to your site (optional). For example, you would pay a small fee to have your website be brisbaneacfe.org instead of brisbaneacfe.wordpress.com.
    5. Your new chapter website is live. With Wordpress' user-friendly interface, you can make updates whenever you want.




    If you have advanced HTML knowledge or a dedicated webmaster:

    If you have advanced HTML knowledge or a webmaster to build your site directly, you may request the HTML files be sent to you. Please send your request to Chapters@ACFE.com.


    The ACFE can create a header image for your chapter to be used along with the HTML files. If you have a photo you would like incorporated into the header, please send that image and request to Chapters@ACFE.com. Please allow 3-5 business days for the header to be created.


    Some examples of chapters using the HTML template:

    Ventura County Chapter  

    San Diego Chapter  

    Connecticut Chapter