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How to Prepare for the CFE Exam

We offer three ways to study for the exam — each based on your needs, learning and schedule. While preparing to take the CFE Exam, you’ll become a savvy professional who’s ready to build a vibrant career built on doing good for the world.

Option 1 - Self-Paced, Online Learning

If you want to prepare at your own pace online, use one of the CFE Exam Prep Course packages, which include lessons, review questions, flashcards, and more.

Option 2 - Learn in Real Time

If you want to prepare in an instructor-led classroom setting, either live or virtually, register for the CFE Exam Review Course. This 4-day course covers everything you need to know to successfully tackle the CFE Exam.

Option 3 - Study On Your Own

If you prefer a completely self-directed option, use the Fraud Examiners Manual. With more than 2,000 pages of content, this resource contains the fraud examination body of knowledge and is the source of all the content tested on the CFE Exam.

Contact Your Coach

Ask questions or make suggestions. As your dedicated CFE Coach, I am here to help you stay on track toward earning the CFE credential. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at (800) 245-3321 (USA & Canada only)/+ 1 (512) 478-9000 or