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How to Prepare for the CFE Exam

We offer three ways to study for the exam — each based on your needs, learning and schedule. While preparing to take the CFE Exam, you’ll become a savvy professional who’s ready to build a vibrant career built on doing good for the world.

Option 2 - Learn in Real Time

If you want to prepare in an instructor-led classroom setting, either live or virtually, register for the CFE Exam Review Course. This 4-day course covers everything you need to know to successfully tackle the CFE Exam.

Option 3 - Study On Your Own

If you prefer to prepare on your own, use the Fraud Examiners Manual. This 2,000-page guide is the definitive body of knowledge for the anti-fraud profession and contains all the information you need to pass the exam.

Contact Your Coach

Ask questions or make suggestions. As your dedicated CFE Coach, I am here to help you stay on track toward earning the CFE credential. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at (800) 245-3321 (USA & Canada only)/+ 1 (512) 478-9000 or