ACFE Job Board

The job board is a members-only benefit. Non-members may view the general job postings; however, you must be an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) member to view the details of the job listings, post your résumé and access the other tools and resources.

Employers who are non-members do have access to the job board but are charged a fee to post jobs and access résumés of individuals who have indicated an interest in your employment opportunity. If you are not an ACFE member, please consider joining in order to enjoy access to free job postings and free résumé contacts.

Access the ACFE Job Board

Job Seekers FAQs

Employers and Recruiters FAQs

  • How do I create an employer account?
    On the job board page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Create Your Employer Account." Follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • How do I post a job?
    Log in to your employer account and click "Post a Job." This will bring up the job posting template. Fill out the required fields and click "Post" when complete.
  • How much does it cost to post a job?
    Job postings are free for ACFE members. For non-members, different options are available to meet different needs. A 30-day job posting is $250 for a single position. Different product bundles are also available depending on your needs.
  • My organization wants me to post a job instead of our Human Resources representative. Who from the organization is able to post a job?
    Anyone logged in as a member can publish a job posting.
  • Is there a word limit on the job postings?
    No. You may create a post as long or as short as you like. Use as much detail as possible so job seekers know exactly what you are looking for. You also have the option to create a company profile and add a company logo to your posting.
  • Can I post the job as a "blind ad?"
    Yes. When creating your job posting, though you are required to enter text to the field "Company Name," you may enter "anonymous" or "confidential," or use a descriptive phrase like "large banking company." Just be sure the company name is not listed in the body of your posting.
  • I need applicants to apply using a URL. Is that possible?
    Yes. When creating your job posting, you select where you want applicants to apply. If you have a URL, you may list this in the post. Just be sure not to list any other contact information in the post.
  • How do I allow applicants to apply online?
    When creating your job posting, the last section offers the "Apply Online" option. This allows applicants to submit their résumés and career profiles directly to you through the job board. Though you provide a résumé recipient email address, when the job is posted, the candidate only sees a button on your job posting that states "Apply."
  • How does the résumé bank work?

    The ACFE résumé bank works differently from other job boards. Employers can view résumés for free, but all are listed as anonymous without contact information. To contact a candidate in the résumé bank, add them to your résumé cart. This saves the résumé so you can review it later if needed. When you are done searching for candidates, check all of the candidates in your cart you would like to contact, and then click "Contact Checked Candidates" at the bottom of the page. This link directs you to a page to email out a contact request.

    Be as descriptive as possible when describing your company, the benefits and the position. After completing the form, if you are not an ACFE member, choose your method of payment (credit card or check), and your email requests will be sent out for you. ACFE members will not be charged. Candidates have 14 days to respond. If they are interested in the position, we will release their personal contact information to you and charge a fee of $35 to non-members. If the candidate is not interested, their information will not be released and there will be no charge.

  • How do non-members pay for the job/résumé?
    You may pay by credit card or check. Once your job is posted, you will automatically receive either a receipt (for credit card payments) or an invoice (for check payments) by email. Invoices should be paid within 30 days of posting the job or ordering a résumé.