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CFE Job Search Strategies: The Keyword Dilemma

Searching for (and reviewing) job postings should primarily be about understanding the skills and experiences the employer is seeking, not job titles. Here's some advice on how to get the job search results you're looking for. Read the article.

An Intern’s Front-Row Seat to Fraud

This former intern learned firsthand about fraud when her boss and mentor, the senior accountant, was arrested for embezzlement and credit card fraud. The author shares advice for those who are just starting their career and may encounter a similar situation. Read more.

What to Do When an Entry-Level Job Requires “Two Years of Experience”

This is the ultimate Catch-22 of job searching — as a recent graduate or a professional looking to make a career pivot, you’re targeting entry-level roles, but even these require at least a couple of years of industry work. Read more.

The “Crushing” Career Advice That’s a Key Secret to Success

When you’re just starting out in the anti-fraud industry, it may be hard to accept criticism of your work. However, Bethany Heitman of Health Magazine explains why this way of thinking might actually be holding you back. Watch the video.


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Book: “Confessions of a Hiring Manager 2.0: Getting to and Staying at the Top of the Hiring Manager's Short List in a Confused Economy!”

Book: “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0: How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Tap into the Hidden Job Market”   

Book: “Strategic Career Engagement: The Definitive Guide for Getting Hired and Promoted”   

Fraud Resources

2020 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) has completed its 2020 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals. Based on participant responses, the median total compensation for a CFE is $95,937, compared to $71,809 for a non-CFE.

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Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations

Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations provides an analysis of 2,110 cases of occupational fraud that were investigated between January 2020 and September 2021. All information was provided by Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) who investigated those cases. The fraud cases in our study came from 133 countries throughout the world — providing a truly global view into the plague of occupational fraud.