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Archived Webinars

Cyber Threats: The Gateway to Fraud

Originally offered on September 23, 2015
In many cases, the road to fraudulent activity can begin with a cyberattack on the organization. With security and fraud teams typically separated in the organization, it can be difficult to connect security incidents with fraudulent activity until it is too late. Because both security and fraud teams play a vital role in protecting profitability, maintaining customer trust and ensuring compliance, these areas should be considered in tandem.


Fraud Analytics in the Cloud

Originally offered on April 28, 2015
Cloud hosting options make advanced fraud analytics programs accessible to organizations of all sizes. In this session, you will learn how to evaluate fraud analytics solutions and determine when cloud hosting is the best option. An insurance fraud analytics case study will be reviewed as a real example of how to effectively implement a cloud-based fraud analytics program.


Data Analytics Strategies to Uncover Fraud

Originally offered on March 24, 2015
The best audit program in the world will not detect fraud unless the auditor selects a fraudulent transaction for examination. Fraud data analytics is the critical tool in locating and recognizing fraudulent activity in today's core business systems. This webinar will demonstrate techniques that have located fraud that was hidden in company databases and focus on proven methodologies that will provide a framework to build your fraud data analytics plan.


Procurement Fraud: Improve Fiscal Responsibilities with Procurement Fraud Detection

Originally offered on February 17, 2015
All organizations face the risk of fraud occurring during the procurement process — a necessary and often complex environment. In this webinar we will explore how fraud, waste and abuse within purchasing activities can be reduced through awareness and a streamlined approach to data management and analytics.


Finding Emerging Fraud Patterns Through High Performance Analytics and Visualization

Originally offered on November 18, 2014
Discover how data analytics and visualization methods can help you identify emerging fraud risk at your organization.