Assessing Customer Risk from Application through Account Lifecycle

Originally offered September 21, 2017 

Duration: 60 minutes

CPE Credit: 1 

Description: With the low cost and high availability of personal identifiable information (PII) and stolen identities on the dark web, fraudsters have changed their focus to application fraud specifically for credit cards, personal loans, and deposit products such as savings and checking accounts. The anonymity, ease and comfort of online and mobile applications help fraudsters use stolen or newly created synthetic IDs to gain credit, bust out funds, and disappear. 

Financial institutions must balance the revenue and customer growth from new products, while identifying and removing fraudsters using false or stolen identities to gain access to the organization.

This webinar will discuss how a solution based on advanced network analytics enables financial institutions to better understand customer risk. From the application through the account lifecycle you will look at suspicious details and customer relationships, as well as customer behavior.

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

Course Level: Basic

Prerequisite: None

Advanced Preparation: None 

Delivery Format: Group Internet Based 

You Will Learn How To:

  • Recognize market conditions that are conductive to application fraud
  • Identify essential solutions for effective application fraud detection and ongoing account monitoring
  • Recall recent industry trends and commonly used application fraud schemes                                                                                                            

    Lawrence Sandler                                                               
    Senior Business Solutions Consultant                                                              
    BAE Systems, Commercial Solutions                                                                 

    Lawrence Sandler has more than 25 years of enterprise application software consulting experience with the last 12 years working exclusively within financial services including insurance. Throughout his career he has had various pre-and post-sales roles ranging from product marketing, pre-sales consultant, business analyst, and project manager to trainer. Building upon his customer relationship management and business intelligence experience within financial services, Sandler has spent the last few years focuses on financial crime as it pertains to fraud. He is part of BAE System’s Business Solutions Group and supports sales initiatives across North America.

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    BAE Systems helps businesses around the world defend themselves against financial and cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation, and transform their operations. We do this using our unique set of solutions, systems, experience and processes - often collecting and analyzing huge volumes of data. This enables us to defend against fraud and financial crime as well as solve complex data problems.

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