Practical Ethics for Fraud Examiners (Workbook)


  Practical Ethics 2012 

CPE Credit: 2
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisite: None




In today’s business climate, ethics is more than simply taking the moral high road—it is a matter of self-preservation. Fraud examiners face many situations that require ethical reflection as part of their daily lives, and, often, there is no obvious line between right and wrong. Consequently, CFEs might find themselves on a slippery slope when it comes to determining the best course of action. 


This course will discuss how codes of ethics, conduct and practice in general—and the CFE Code of Professional Ethics and CFE Code of Professional Standards, in specific—provide guidance for fraud examiners when they are confronted with ethical uncertainty in professional situations. 

You Will Learn How To:

Identify the benefits of having codes that govern the actions of professionals

Examine the Certified Fraud Examiner Codes of Professional Ethics and Standards to understand how they apply to Certified Fraud Examiners

Recognize why professionalism, diligence, ethical conduct, integrity and competence are important to anti-fraud professionals

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field of study: behavioral ethics

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