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Being Ready for the Worst

Resilient corporations generally take a three-pronged strategy to deal with the problem of fraud: they conduct thorough fraud risk assessments and periodically revisit them; they put fraud prevention and detection strategies in place; and they develop response strategies to deal with the frauds they aren’t able to prevent.

Students Must Show Passion for Fraud Fighting

Fraud EDge Columnist Richard Hurley discusses the key traits required for fraud examiners and provide recommendations for prospective CFEs

The Perfect Storm: Fraud in an Economic Downturn

ACFE Founder Joseph T. Wells looks at the impact of fraud in an economic downturn and the steps required to overcome the unique challenges associated with it.

False or Altered Disbursement Documents (Part 1)

This column, the first in a series of three, begins a discussion about some of the most common issues fraud examiners face when they detect false or altered documents in the organization’s disbursement records.

Markopolos' Testimony Inspires Teachers and Students

Take a look at the lessons from Markopolos’ journey for justice to learn to prepare our students to be the best future fraud fighters.

Online Banking Users

Column explaning the ways new Trojan viruses capture online users' personal information and the countermeasures that help slow widespread identity theft.

Mentors Can Help Mold Careers

Mentors can help you increase your skills, learn more about your organization, and find a job. They can influence your leadership and management abilities and give you a sense of direction long after you've graduated from school.

Unhealthy Procedures

As more health records are computerized and made available to medical providers on the Web, more data breaches and medical record compromises will occur.

Missing Disbursement Documents (Part 2)

Part two of a two part series on missing disbursement documents is concluded by discussing alternative procedures you can use to determine if the transactions were made to valid vendors for authorized business purposes.

Get M.A.D. with the Numbers!

How to use commonly available spreadsheet software to quantify data from a digital frequency analysis and distill it down to a single meaningful number.