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Fraud Prevention CD-ROM

This CD-ROM, available to both ACFE members and non-members, contains a number of resources that will be of value in your company's ongoing fight against fraud. ACFE's Fraud Prevention Check-Up, a simple yet powerful test of your company's fraud prevention processes, and the one-hour How Fraud Hurts You and Your Organization, are just two of the tools included in this useful resource.

Setting the Stage to Fight Fraud

Scenario planning is a device used to strategically analyze risk. This actual case study from a certain Department of Motor Vehicles uses an example of specific risk scenarios to fight fraud.

So You Want To Be An Expert Witness?

Before becoming an expert witness, make sure to study the past and current standards for the admissibility of expert testimony to ensure that you are familiar with the rules and case law

Online Banking Users

Column explaning the ways new Trojan viruses capture online users' personal information and the countermeasures that help slow widespread identity theft.

Mentors Can Help Mold Careers

Mentors can help you increase your skills, learn more about your organization, and find a job. They can influence your leadership and management abilities and give you a sense of direction long after you've graduated from school.

Preying on Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

A look at what cyber fraud issues may arise in an economic downturn by employees who have been layed off or those that remain with fewer internal controls

Unhealthy Procedures

As more health records are computerized and made available to medical providers on the Web, more data breaches and medical record compromises will occur.

Missing Disbursement Documents (Part 2)

Part two of a two part series on missing disbursement documents is concluded by discussing alternative procedures you can use to determine if the transactions were made to valid vendors for authorized business purposes.

Protect Your Personal Data and Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

As fraud examiners, we have a duty to protect information on our computers – not just ours but data from our organizations’ and clients’ examinations.

How Vigilant is Vigilant Enough?

Companies need to use the latest technology and testing methodologies to uncover red flags and patterns that could indicate corrupt schemes and transactions.