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Payments that 'grease the rails'

Overview and cautions about the amendment to the U.S. FCPA that allows for “facilitating payments.”

Disciplinary actions

Disciplinary notices for Joseph Barbagallo and Luis Santiago


news briefs from recent fraud stories

Identity theft complaints soared in 2011

Identity theft is alive and thriving. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel Network reports a significant increase in complaints.

Back to school

Learn how universities, and other nonprofit organizations, can overcome entrenched ideologies to prevent and deter fraud and reputational damage.

New banking identity theft scams inject fake chat boxes, rogue web pages

article on how fraudsters are using live chat and fake free credit card fraud insurance to install malware on your computer

Bitcoin creating virtual Wild West

Overview of Bitcoin, a digital money that could be used by criminals for money laundering

FCPA compliance in China

Though foreign investors have begun to shy away from China, the country still holds huge appeal. Those companies need to pay close attention to stay on the right side of local and international anti-bribery laws.