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'It worked great for me ...'

In this issue’s column, four former students in Joyce Zadzilka’s Principles of Fraud Examination course at Syracuse University discuss the problem of false testimonials and the impact they have on consumer fraud.

China tackles emerging health care fraud

In part 2 of two parts, the author describes some of China's plans to tackle emerging health care frauds and joint U.S.-China efforts.

Health care fraud: an unfortunate certainty

stats and information on health care fraud

Social media is a two-edged sword for students

Social media can help investigations but hurt those future fraud examiners who post inappropriate content.

Tax fraud crisis

Learn how groups of tax cheats are stealing billions and how researchers and fraud fighters are finding new ways to beat them.

Identity theft complaints climb again in 2012

Overview of the latest stats from the FTC's Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book.

Unaccountable External Auditors

External auditing firms are supposed to provide detailed, accurate and unbiased information about the financial situations of their clients. However, the author contends that the failures of many external auditors helped contribute to the “Great Economic Meltdown” and says we need a radical overhaul of the U.S. system of external auditing.


recent fraud story briefs

Board of Regents expels Robert Alonso

The ACFE Board of Regents expelled Robert Alonso

Fraud in the News

news briefs of current fraud stories