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Unhealthy Procedures

As more health records are computerized and made available to medical providers on the Web, more data breaches and medical record compromises will occur.

Something's Fishy at Jones Company

A fictional case designed for classrooms or seminars to illustrate important aspects of the fraud examination process.

'It worked great for me ...'

In this issue’s column, four former students in Joyce Zadzilka’s Principles of Fraud Examination course at Syracuse University discuss the problem of false testimonials and the impact they have on consumer fraud.

10 popular health care provider fraud schemes

Learn some of the basic health care provider schemes and how to deter them from taking some easy money.

Small business fraud and the trusted employee

Article on viable prevention options for small business fraud.

Avoid the costly ‘Oxford Syndrome’

Article on third-party debt collection services fraud and ways to prevent it.

‘Eurograbber’ banking Trojan

Overview of a new online banking scam named “Eurograbber” and prevention tips.

The paralegal CFE

First-person account of how a paralegal's CFE helped her help others.

Don’t fixate on the numbers

Overview of how to avoid income tax fraud, focusing on the case of a Wasilla, Alaska, tax preparer charged with six counts of preparing false tax returns.

Devil in the details: anti-fraud data analytics

Case study involving CFEs who mined financial data to examine suspicious transactions.