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Affinity is only skin deep

Article outlining affinity fraud, case histories and fraudster profile

Case in Point: Pharmaceutical Fraud

Pharmacists who commit fraud by diluting prescriptions pose a serious threat to patients. Integrating new controls to stop these criminals in their tracks might save lives.

Dissecting a complex trade-skill education program case, part 1

First of two parts on a complex skimming fraud case study, which dealt with trade-skill education programs and unfolded over four years at one of the largest technical colleges in the state of Washington.

Dissecting a complex trade-skill education program case, part 2

Conclusion of the case of Alan, an instructor in the Processing Machinery Maintenance and Repair Program in one of the largest technical colleges in Washington, and his skimming fraud.


Overview of a new type of cyber fraud - typosquatting

When the music stopped ...

In this column, the author recounts the case of the president of a small bank who stole funds through a complex loan fraud scheme.

Cooking the books with fuel fraud

False-statement frauds have plagued a complex federal program that mandates production of renewable fuel to reduce consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel and reliance on foreign oil.

Bank Reconciliation Process

Part three in a three part series. A case study involving dealing with outsider threats in the bank reconciliation process

Happily comply

Because of new anti-fraud legislation around the globe and reemphasis on FCPA enforcement, organizations have beefed up their compliance departments. CFEs, with their ingrained skill sets, can consider new job directions.

Classic Accounting Fraud Resurfaces in Italy and India

In part 2 of this series, we discover the similarities between Ivar Kreuger's con games and the Unit Trust of India devastation.