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Fraud and abuse in school cafeterias

Outline of common frauds in school cafeterias and those who manage them.

Corruption in Collegiate Sports

Internal audit departments are challenged by the often unbridled power of college athletic departments, but must still seek ways to implement appropriate checks and balances to help ensure the integrity of their organizations.

'Damaged' Fingers?

Case study of a mining company that intentionally downplayed serious injuries, resulting in the receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars in government rebate money.

Global Risks Reduced

Being aware of and prepared for issues like personal safety, office supply needs, technology, and language barriers will help you adapt more smoothly to a foreign environment.

Who’s in Control Here?

A prominent N.J., attorney vanished on July 7, 1994, hours before he was to surrender to police on charges of defrauding a local bank of $8.4 million in a mortgage loan scheme.

Bribery and Corruption Casebook: The View from Under the Table

Bribery and Corruption Casebook is a revealing collection of fraud cases, written by ACFE Members, that lays bare the shady nature of the schemes they invesitgated.

Something's Fishy at Jones Company

A fictional case designed for classrooms or seminars to illustrate important aspects of the fraud examination process.

Unhealthy Procedures

As more health records are computerized and made available to medical providers on the Web, more data breaches and medical record compromises will occur.

The paralegal CFE

First-person account of how a paralegal's CFE helped her help others.

'It worked great for me ...'

In this issue’s column, four former students in Joyce Zadzilka’s Principles of Fraud Examination course at Syracuse University discuss the problem of false testimonials and the impact they have on consumer fraud.