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Combo Event: Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits + Interviewing Techniques for Auditors

Register for both courses together to earn additional CPE credits and save $100!*  Register now .     Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits | October 1, 2014   Boston, MA   Develop a solid foundation for vendor audits from preparing for a vendor audit by identifying, gathering, and auditing relevant vendor documentation to recognizing common vendor fraud schemes.   Course Details     Interviewing Techniques for Auditors | October 2-3, 2014   Boston, MA   Conduct more effective interviews during an audit in order to successfully obtain the truth and detect lies and deception. You will learn significantly more about a company when you conduct interviews that probe more deeply, follow up on signs of potential deception and politely — but firmly — pursue evasiveness.   Course Details     Hotel & Venue Information    Hyatt Regency Boston One Avenue De LaFayette Boston, MA 02111 Hotel Phone: +1 (617) 521-6333 No group room rate established.               Registration & Fees - Combo Event *   ACFE Members: $890 Non-Members: $1140 Register  by September 2, 2014 to save an additional $95!*     To register for these courses separately, please visit the individual event pages for Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits  or Interviewing Techniques for Auditors .   *Payment must be received by September 2, 2014 to receive early registration discount.  By registering for this event, I grant the ACFE or anyone authorized by the ACFE, the right to use or publish in print or electronic format, any photographs or video containing my image or likeness for any promotional purpose, without compensation.

Electronic Evidence: Why You Should Care (Webinar CD)

This course will examine the major issues you will encounter when dealing with electronic evidence.

Practical Ethics for Fraud Examiners (Online Self-Study)

This course examines how codes of ethics, conduct and practice in general provide guidance for fraud examiners when they are confronted with ethical uncertainty.

Ethical Theory for Fraud Examiners (Online Self-Study)

This course provides an explanation of ethics in general, as well as a discussion of several specific behavioral and ethical principles.

Financial Institution Fraud

This course will discuss a variety of fraud schemes that financial institutions have experienced in the past as well as new forms of fraud occurring today.

Las Vegas, NV - Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud - 12/2014

This two-day ACFE seminar in Las Vegas, NV, December 18-19, 2014, provides you with numerous data analytics tests that can be used to detect various fraud schemes.

Chicago, IL - CFE Exam Review Course - 08/2014

Master the concepts tested on the CFE Exam at the CFE Exam Review Course in Chicago, IL, August 18-21, 2014.

Austin, TX - Principles of Fraud Examination - 12/2014

Build a solid foundation in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence with Principles of Fraud Examination in Austin, TX, December 15-18, 2014.

Austin, TX - CFE Exam Review Course - 11/2014

Master the concepts tested on the CFE Exam at the CFE Exam Review Course in Austin, TX, November 3-6, 2014.

Boston, MA - Interviewing Techniques for Auditors - 10/2014

Discover how to conduct more effective interviews in your audit process to increase your effectiveness in obtaining the truth and detecting lies and deception.