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ACFE On-site Training - Introduction to Digital Forensics

Learn the essentials of gathering and analyzing digital evidence in fraud investigations with this ACFE on-site training.

ACFE On-site Training - Conducting Internal Investigations

The ACFE on-site training course will teach your team interviewing skills, legal elements and documenting evidence in internal fraud investigations.

ACFE On-site Training - Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud

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ACFE On-site Training: Professional Interviewing Skills

One of the most highly rated courses, this ACFE on-site training seminar will teach your group how to detect detection and gain insight in professional interviews.

ACFE On-site Training - Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud

This ACFE on-site training course will teach your team the basic techniques of uncovering fraud through data analysis. Discover how to examine and interpret the results of data analytics tests to identify the red flags of fraud.

ACFE On-site Training - Auditing for Internal Fraud

Learn the fundamentals of auditing for fraud with an emphasis on common internal schemes, legal elements, detection techniques and methods of preventing occupational fraud.

'It worked great for me ...'

In this issue’s column, four former students in Joyce Zadzilka’s Principles of Fraud Examination course at Syracuse University discuss the problem of false testimonials and the impact they have on consumer fraud.

Taking Anti-Fraud Skills Around the Globe (Webinar CD)

This self-study course will highlight the advantages and pitfalls that arise when Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) take their skills across national boundaries.

Practical Ethics for Fraud Examiners (Online Self-Study)

This course examines how codes of ethics, conduct and practice in general provide guidance for fraud examiners when they are confronted with ethical uncertainty.

Analyzing Bank Records

This course examines the various types of bank records, how to interpret them, and the detection methods used to uncover varied illegal activities.