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Managing fingerprint evidence

Here’s how you can optimize the quality of fingerprint examinations in your investigations right now.

ACFE On-site Training - Healthcare Fraud

Discover the latest external fraud schemes committed by hospitals and managed care providers with a two-day on-site ACFE course.

ACFE On-site Training - Bribery and Corruption

The ACFE on-site training course will teach your team how to effectively incorporate anti-bribery and corruption policies into your anti-fraud strategy.

Business Corruption and FCPA Issues in China

This course covers some of the key corruption risk areas in China business and through case studies and lessons learned and will provide strategies to mitigate and prevent them.

Preventing and Detecting Financial Institution Fraud (Online Self-Study)

This course explores fraud schemes against financial institutions, and recommends controls and techniques designed to prevent and detect each type of scheme.

Common Ethical Lapses by CFEs (Online Self-Study)

This course is designed to educate you about common circumstances that lead to ethical lapses in judgment and help you gain insights regarding the potential consequences of your actions.

Internal Controls for Data Security (Online Self-Study)

This course examines the multifarious threats to data security, and provides context for the environments in which they flourish, as well as strategies for their mitigation.

Jakarta, Indonesia - Bribery and Corruption - 08/2014

Learn how to effectively incorporate anti-bribery and corruption policies into your anti-fraud strategy at this two-day ACFE seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia, August 25-26, 2014.

Washington, D.C. - Investigating on the Internet - 10/2014

Discover how the Internet can be used as an important source of information at this course for non-technical fraud examiners in Washington, D.C., October 2-3, 2014.

London, United Kingdom - Financial Statement Fraud - 08/2014

Discuss the fraud-related responsibilities of financial professionals and learn practical techniques to detect financial statement manipulation in London, August 18-19, 2014.