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Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques

Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques is a three-day training event by the ACFE in Austin, TX to enhance your fraud investigation skills.

Building Your Fraud Examination Practice

The ACFE seminar Building Your Fraud Examination Practice offers professional development for fraud examiners growing their deterrence and detection sevices business.

Fraud-Related Compliance

Learn how to ensure compliance with industry practices and anti-fraud laws and regulations at this one-day seminar.

Advanced Interviewing Techniques Workshop

The Advanced Interviewing Techniques Workshop is an ACFE fraud training class led by Don Rabon and James D. Ratley.

Uncovering Fraud with Financial and Ratio Analysis

Learn how to use in-depth financial and ratio analysis to spot the warning signs of fraud in your organization during this two-day ACFE seminar.

Financial Institution Fraud

Learn what controls can be implemented to secure your data in order to minimize the threat of data and identity theft.

Health Care Fraud

Get the targeted training you need to keep up with the latest healthcare fraud schemes and related laws affecting this highly complex profession.

Fraud Risk Management

Discover how your organization can integrate anti-fraud initiatives into your risk management programs.

Mortgage Fraud

Attend this-two day seminar for the best training to fight the growing threat of mortgage fraud.

Managing fingerprint evidence

Here’s how you can optimize the quality of fingerprint examinations in your investigations right now.