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Austin, TX - Advanced Interviewing Techniques Workshop - 03/2015

The ability to strategically plan and execute effective interviews is a key attribute for every successful fraud examiner. Take your fraud interviewing skills to the next level with hands-on instruction from experts in the field, Austin, TX, March 2-5, 2015.

Austin, TX - Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques - 09/2014

Acquire the case experience and know-how you need to excel in your job. You will simulate many aspects of a real case and enhance your skills as a fraud examiner in Austin, TX, September 15-17, 2014.

Positioning for the Future: Creating and Promoting Your Professional Brand in an Evolving Job Market

With this course, learn to establish yourself as a preferred job candidate, whether as an employee, contractor or consultant.

Predictive Analytics to Prioritize Investigations and Audits of Contract Fraud, Waste and Abuse

You will learn how the USPS OIG believes that predictive analytics will aid auditing, postal business operations and other governmental agencies looking to reduce and minimize fraud, waste and abuse.

ACFE On-site Training - Fraud Prevention

Learn how to better protect your company from fraud, including deterrance processes and common risk assessment mistakes, during a one-day ACFE on-site training course.

Course Outline - Uncovering Fraud with Financial and Ratio Analysis

Uncovering Fraud with Financial and Ratio Analysis   DAY ONE DAY TWO 7 30 a.m. 8 00 a.m.   Registration and Continental Breakfast    8 00 a.m. 9 20 a.m.  Introduction Other Types of Financial and Ratio Analysis 9 20

ACFE On-site Training - Investigating Conflicts of Interest

Learn to use audit techniques to uncover potential conflicts of interest, legal elements, gathering evidence, evaluating tips and spotting signs of conflicts.

ACFE On-site Training - Contract & Procurement Fraud

This 2-day ACFE on-site training will provide your team with best practices for detecting and investigating contract and procurement fraud.

ACFE On-site Training - Financial Statement Fraud

Designed for those who regularly review and evaluate financial statements, this ACFE on-site course explores what the numbers mean and indicators of fraud.

ACFE On-site Training Schedule - Uncovering Fraud with Financial and Ratio Analysis

The ACFE on-site training course will teach your team how to use in-depth financial and ratio analysis to spot the warning signs of fraud in your organization.