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These seminars offer knowledge you can use immediately, while also laying a foundation for future professional development.
Live Events
The ACFE strives to provide the highest quality training events for anti-fraud professionals at all levels of experience. Get the support and education you need to effectively fight fraud by attending ACFE anti-fraud seminars and conferences held in cities around the world.
About Prep Course

The CFE Exam Prep Course is a computer self-study course produced by the ACFE and is intended to fully prepare CFE candidates to successfully pass the CFE Exam

ACFE Course Outline - Financial Statement Fraud

The ACFE Financial Statement seminar discusses fraud-related responsibilities of financial professionals and practical techniques to detect financial statement manipulation.

ACFE Course Outline - Principles of Fraud Examination

Sessions for the ACFE's Principles of Fraud Examination seminar include financial transactions, legal elements, interviewing skills and fraud investigation techniques.

ACFE Course Outline - Digital Forensics Tools & Techniques

This ACFE course will introduce fraud examiners to the processes, tools and techniques used by computer forensic examiners.

ACFE Course Outline - Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques

Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques is an interactive course that simulates real fraud cases to give attendees practical case experience.

ACFE Course Outline - CFE Exam Review

The on-site CFE Exam Review training schedule includes classes to prepare your team to pass the CFE Exam, available as part of the course.

ACFE Online Learning Center

ACFE Webinars and Online Self-Study courses offer you a convenient way to enhance your anti-fraud skills and earn CPE.

ACFE Course Outline - Investigating Conflicts of Interest

Topics for the ACFE Investigating Conflicts of Interest course include legal elements, document collection and analysis, and investigation methods.

ACFE Course Outline - Contract & Procurement Fraud

The ACFE Contract & Procurement Fraud on-site training course will provide you with best practices for detecting and investigating contract and procurement fraud.

ACFE Course Outline - Conducting Internal Investigations

This ACFE on-site training course schedule includes legal elements, interviewing witnesses, document collection and testifying.