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These seminars offer knowledge you can use immediately, while also laying a foundation for future professional development.
Live Events
The ACFE strives to provide the highest quality training events for anti-fraud professionals at all levels of experience. Get the support and education you need to effectively fight fraud by attending ACFE anti-fraud seminars and conferences held in cities around the world.
Writing Pad

Thin enough to throw into your briefcase and go, the ACFE Writing Pad features interior pockets for documents and business cards.


This navy circular mouse pad features the ACFE seal and compliments any office d├ęcor. Its slick surface provides smooth and easy mouse movement.

ACFE Leather Gift Set

The ACFE Leather Gift Set includes a leather messenger bag and iPad case, both made from full-grain, pull-up cowhide and 18 oz. washed brown cotton canvas.

ACFE On-site Training - Contract & Procurement Fraud

This 2-day ACFE on-site training will provide your team with best practices for detecting and investigating contract and procurement fraud.

ACFE On-site Training - Introduction to Digital Forensics

Learn the essentials of gathering and analyzing digital evidence in fraud investigations with this ACFE on-site training.

ACFE On-site Training - Conducting Internal Investigations

The ACFE on-site training course will teach your team interviewing skills, legal elements and documenting evidence in internal fraud investigations.

ACFE Course Outline - Legal Elements of a Fraud Examination

The ACFE course schedule for Legal Elements of a Fraud Examination covers constitutional issues, discovery, evidence and testifying in fraud cases.

ACFE Training Schedule - Investigating Conflicts of Interest

Sessions for this anti-fraud training course include legal elements, document collection and analysis, and investigation methods.

ACFE Training Schedule: Conducting Internal Investigations

Sessions for this on-site fraud training include legal elements, interviewing witnesses, document collection and testifying.

ACFE Training Schedule - Professional Interviewing Skills

Sessions for this on-site training include fraud interview techniques, admission-seeking interviews, legal elements and detecting deception.