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Inside Drug Cartels and the Dirty Banks That Serve Them (Webinar CD)

Former federal agent Robert Mazur offers a through the looking glass perspective about the world of money laundering.

Understanding and Disrupting Terrorist Financing (Webinar CD)

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of twelve systemic weaknesses exploited by terrorists, encompassing a variety of criminal activity.

Electronic Evidence: Why You Should Care (Webinar CD)

This course will examine the major issues you will encounter when dealing with electronic evidence.

Compliance 101 for Certified Fraud Examiners (Webinar CD)

In this self-study course, you'll learn the fundamentals of an effective compliance program.

Building a World-Class Compliance Program (Webinar CD)

Learn why an effective compliance program is critical for your organization, what constitutes a “world-class” compliance program and how to go about building one.

Risk Factors and Red Flags of Occupational Fraud (Webinar CDs)

This course will teach you to evaluate the risk for fraud, select investigative procedures to address the risk and reach conclusions after reviewing results of the investigative procedures.

Financial Statement Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations (Webinar CD)

This course examines the methods of financial statement fraud in non-profit organizations and the methods used to detect these schemes.

FCPA Lessons Learned: How to Mitigate the Risk of Violations (Webinar CD)

This course will cover important lessons learned from various FCPA cases including red flags warnings and procedures to mitigate risk of violations.

Legal Elements of a Fraud Examination (Webinar CD)

This course covers the basic concepts of fraud in its legal capacity including what evidence is considered admissible and how much is needed to prove your case.

Procurement Fraud’s Anatomy and Illusiveness (Webinar CD)

The most effective way to identify if your organization is the victim of procurement fraud is to understand procurement fraud itself and this session will help you do just that.