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Self-Study CPE Courses
Expand your anti-fraud knowledge with our comprehensive NASBA compliant self-study CPE courses covering fraud basics and advanced topics written by the ACFE Research Team and other anti-fraud experts.
Online Self Study — Overview and Features
With our new browser-based online format, ACFE’s Self-Study CPE Courses are now just a click away.
Online Self Study - Available Courses
A comprehensive list of available online self study courses.
Fraud Risk Management (Online Self-Study)

This course will explain why managing fraud risk is important for organizations and the steps in developing an effective fraud risk management program.

Recovering The Proceeds of Fraud

This course will help enhance your ability to recover ill-gotten gains by covering the legal elements of fraud, actual and punitive damages and evidence required to document losses

Taking Anti-Fraud Skills Around the Globe (Webinar CD)

This self-study course will highlight the advantages and pitfalls that arise when Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) take their skills across national boundaries.

Practical Ethics for Fraud Examiners (Online Self-Study)

This course examines how codes of ethics, conduct and practice in general provide guidance for fraud examiners when they are confronted with ethical uncertainty.

Fraud-Related Internal Controls

This course provides the details of a good fraud deterrence initiative and looks at the three main types of cash fraud schemes and examines how to prevent them.

Other People's Money: The Basics of Asset Misappropriation

This course will train you to take control and prevent employees and others from committing occupational fraud.

Analyzing Bank Records

This course examines the various types of bank records, how to interpret them, and the detection methods used to uncover varied illegal activities.

Inside Drug Cartels and the Dirty Banks That Serve Them (Webinar CD)

Former federal agent Robert Mazur offers a through the looking glass perspective about the world of money laundering.

Electronic Evidence: Why You Should Care (Webinar CD)

This course will examine the major issues you will encounter when dealing with electronic evidence.

Ethical Theory for Fraud Examiners (Online Self-Study)

This course provides an explanation of ethics in general, as well as a discussion of several specific behavioral and ethical principles.