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Self-Study CPE Courses
Expand your anti-fraud knowledge with our comprehensive NASBA compliant self-study CPE courses covering fraud basics and advanced topics written by the ACFE Research Team and other anti-fraud experts.
Online Self Study — Overview and Features
With our new browser-based online format, ACFE’s Self-Study CPE Courses are now just a click away.
Online Self Study - Available Courses
A comprehensive list of available online self study courses.
Fraud Risk Assessment (Online Self-Study)

This course provides an overview of fraud risk, explores the risk assessment process, and provides you with a framework for conducting and reporting your own fraud risk assessment.

Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiners (Online Self-Study)

This course will help you to understand what constitutes an ethical dilemma and help you to develop an awareness of ethical issues faced by fraud examiners

Fraud Risk Management (Online Self-Study)

This course will explain why managing fraud risk is important for organizations and the steps in developing an effective fraud risk management program.

Internal Controls for Fraud Prevention (Online Self-Study)

This course will explore the key roles in preventive controls and essential components of internal control, inherent limitations of internal controls.

Elements of Internal Investigations: Interviewing Witnesses and Writing Reporting (Online Self-Study)

This course explores the strategies necessary to conduct a successful interview, and discusses how to successfully report the results for your investigation.

Introduction to Financial Statement Fraud (Online Self-Study)

This ACFE Online Self-Study course presents an introduction to the most common schemes used to manipulate an organization’s financial statements.

Interviewing Prospective Witnesses (Online Self-Study)

This course offers an introduction to interviewing by examining the interview process and offering helpful tips to help make your next interview successful.

The CFE as an Expert Witness (Online Self-Study)

This course identifies the essential knowledge and skills you need to be a qualified, well-prepared and successful expert witness.

Legal Elements: Developing Evidence and Testifying (Online Self-Study)

Legal Elements: Developing Evidence and Testifying provides an overview of essential concepts you should know before presenting your examination in court.

Follow the Money: Tracing Concealed Assets (Online Self-Study)

This course offers common approaches to locating assets domestically and across borders, and establishes best practices and specific recommendations for those charged with finding hidden assets.