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The Rewards of Dishonesty

Lies told in a heartbeat can have permanent and irreversible consequences. One instance of rationalized dishonesty can lead to a pattern of fraud.

Law and Much Order

This U.S. federal prosecutor will help you review the courtroom requirements for presenting evidence and testimony, attorney-client privilege and how it affects fraud examiners, the work product doctrine, and other necessary law topics.

A Legend Passes

The recent death of a well-known criminal left a CFE remembering how the crook committed some of the most convoluted frauds in the 20th century and how they easily could have been prevented.

'The Windy City' Beckons

Preview of hte 14th Annual Fraud Conference & Exhibition, Aug. 3-8 2003 in Chicago.

SAS 99

Another Implement for the Fraud Examiner’s Toolbox SAS 99 not only requires auditors to be reasonably sure that financial statements are free of material misstatements, whether caused by error or fraud, but it gives them focused and clarified guidance on meeting their responsibilities to uncover fraud.

Successful SIU

Special Investigation Units, in the private and public sectors, can fight fraud more effectively by developing professional relationships with prosecutors, marketing capabilities, and keeping current on fraud examination issues and techniques.

Fraud Fighters Learn Latest Techniques

Summary of the 7th Annual European Fraud Conference Oct. 28-29, 2003 in London. Attendees at the 7th Annual European Fraud Conference not only had many opportunities to network but they had a choice of 12 breakout sessions within three tracks - Current Issues, High Tech, and Practical Fraud Techniques.


Investment swindles and con schemes have been around for centuries, but the Internet allows perpetrators to reach a wider audience at little cost.

From the Naked Eye to DNA, Part Two

Modern document examiners not only determine authorship and authenticity but they use the latest technology to detect changes, resurrect evidence, recover entire documents, and analyze DNA.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, spawned from huge corporate collapses, will not make fraud disappear. But its strong language and stiff penalties could deter some executives tempted to stray.