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When White-Collar Turns Red, Part Two

This article guides CFEs on how to detect the unique behavioral traits of psychopathic, red-collar criminals in order to conduct effective admission-seeking interviews.

Restitution Law for Fraud Examiners

Each year, employees embezzle millions of dollars in taxpayer monies from public entities. This article prescribes ways for fraud examiners to help find and recover some of these funds.

Money Laundering

Throughout the world, companies are falling victim to the Black Market Peso Exchange (BMPE). This article explains how the BMPE works and how an organization can prevent unknowingly accepting BMPE illicit funds.

Make a Note of That

In this column, Don Rabon explores the interview challenge of note taking.

Self-incrimination in Workplace Investigations

This article adresses the Fifth Amendment’s impact upon incriminating statements made by employees – both public and private.

Case in Point: Employee Embezzlement

Based on an interview with a company owner involved in an embezzlement case, a university instructor provides lessons for fraud examiners and business owners on embezzlement schemes.

ACFE Fraud Museum in Funny Pages

Ripley's "Believe it or Not" recently highlighted ACFE's Fraud Museum.

Chef 'Tap' Markets the ACFE

Profile of Kevin Taparauskas, the ACFE director of marketing and events.

Mass-Marketing Fraud

Mass-marketing fraud has gradually transformed in the past two decades into a "pervasive global criminal threat."

New Monarch Version is Powerful, Delivers More for the Fraud Examiner

In this column, the author reviews computer forensics software products that could aid fraud examiners.