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Commercial Mortgage Fraud

It's a volatile combination: high volume of cash-out refinancing loans, declining performance of commercial properties, and relentless production pressures on internal loan officers. The resulting concoction often is fraud. Economic conditions are prompting desperate fraudulent property owners to use several tricks to obtain commercial mortgage loans. Following are more schemes.

How to Take a Financial Pulse

Spouses hide assets from each other during divorces; here is how one CFE uncovers those assets.

Picture Imperfect

This article offers tips and resources CFEs can use to help art clients recognize their risky behaviors and fraudsters' ploys before crimes go down.

2002 Report to the Nation

Preview of the ACFE's Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse - The Wells Report.

Enron's Sherron Watkins to Speak at 13th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show

Preview of the 13th Annual Fraud Conference & Trade Show Aug. 4-9 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers, Part One

Many say that identity theft is unavoidable, undetectable, and unstoppable. But fraud examiners can use their skills to fight this ubiquitous crime.

Check Washers Launder Money the Easy Way

Methamphetamine addicts steal personal and business checks from the mail, give them a bath, and cash the revived drafts to feed their habits.

Identity Theft

Catching identity thieves requires solid cooperation and hard-hitting procedures among fraud examiners, auditors, law enforcement, postal inspectors, the courts, banks, credit card companies, business owners, government, and many others.

Safeguarding Contract Competition

An entity’s vendor search may be impeded by haste, lack of time, laziness, or entrenched tradition. Regardless, the fraud examiner should inspect the procurement competition system and its internal controls for possible kickbacks and other cozy relationships.Though inadequate competition for procuring vendor contracts is a good potential indicator of fraud, waste, or abuse, many fraud examiners fail to scrutinize the quality of the competition process. However, systematically gauging procurement competition should be a vital part of any fraud examination program.

Corruption and Fraud Stunt Third-world Growth, Part Two

In the May/June issue of The White Paper, we began by explaining how corrupt officials burden developing countries with unfinished projects and crushing debt, which can lead to economic decline and international terrorism. In this second part, we look at red flags, countermeasures, proof of fraud and corruption in international cases, and possible remedies.