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These seminars offer knowledge you can use immediately, while also laying a foundation for future professional development.
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The ACFE strives to provide the highest quality training events for anti-fraud professionals at all levels of experience. Get the support and education you need to effectively fight fraud by attending ACFE anti-fraud seminars and conferences held in cities around the world.
Louisville, KY - Professional Interviewing Skills - 12/2014

This two-day course from the ACFE offers training in interview techniques for fraud investigations for auditors, detectives, lawyers, forensic accountants and other anti-fraud professionals December 15-16, 2014, Louisville, KY.

Chicago, IL - CFE Exam Review Course - 08/2014

Master the concepts tested on the CFE Exam at the CFE Exam Review Course in Chicago, IL, August 18-21, 2014.

Austin, TX - Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques - 09/2014

Acquire the case experience and know-how you need to excel in your job. You will simulate many aspects of a real case and enhance your skills as a fraud examiner in Austin, TX, September 15-17, 2014.

Tampa, FL - Building Your Fraud Examination Practice - 11/2014

This one-day, instructor-led course will teach the types of fraud examination services in demand and provide practical advice on how to market your services to those who need them most.

New York, NY - How to Testify - 05/2014

Establish yourself as a consummate courtroom professional. Learn how to testify effectively on direct and cross-examination, basic courtroom procedures, and most important, tricks for surviving on the witness stand.

ACFE On-site Training: Professional Interviewing Skills

One of the most highly rated courses, this ACFE on-site training seminar will teach your group how to detect detection and gain insight in professional interviews.

50 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Job Now

This book offers insight into 50 skills, knowledge and personality characteristics managers value when they have to choose between "keepers' and those destined for workforce reduction.

Break Through: A Leader's Greatest Lesson

This book is the story of Dan Morgan, CEO, whose great success has brought an unintended consequence he isn’t ready for - leadership.

What Happened in Vegas ...

The 20th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas sets attendee record despite recession. Read highlights from the event.

12 Steps to a New Career: What to Do When You Want to Make a Change Now

12 Steps to a new career guides you through the process of making job and career changes in a step-by-step fashion that is specific to your level and situation.