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Hanging out your shingle, part 2

In starting your firm, this article covers some specific aspects of being a new entrepreneur, including the legal forms of business organizations, insurance, tax responsibilities and retirement savings.

Flunking the Ethics Test

An open list of potential issues to consider when designing and implementing ethical standards within a corporation

Fraud Examination in Academia

As academic institutions begin to recognize their benefits, the number of courses offered in fraud examination and forensic accounting should dramatically increase and the amount organizations lose to fraud should decrease.

Winning over law enforcement to your side

Tips on how to get law enforcement to accept your case.

Lisa S. Duke, CFE, CPA, CFFA

profile of CFE Lisa S. Duke

The similarities end with the initials

Article outlining ACFEI's differences from the ACFE, following an expose of ACFEI by "Frontline."

ACFE renews its clarion call

Overview of the 23rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition

Using 'white papers' to recruit future fraud fighters

Academics have many ways to recruit college graduates to the fraud-fighting field, but the authors propose an untried method that students could consider so old-fashioned, it's radical: the white paper.

Making the jump

Column offering career advice when moving from public, government jobs to private industry.

Living by a code

Overview of Louis Freeh interview