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Starting out

New Graduate Extols Internship Programs

Fraud Examination in Academia

As academic institutions begin to recognize their benefits, the number of courses offered in fraud examination and forensic accounting should dramatically increase and the amount organizations lose to fraud should decrease.

Flunking the Ethics Test

An open list of potential issues to consider when designing and implementing ethical standards within a corporation

A wealth of talent, passion and tenacity

As the ACFE begins celebrating its 25th year, Fraud Magazine invited the board members to a roundtable discussion to consider the future of the fraud examination and the ACFE.

Download new ACFE app for your iPhone® for instant access

Brief description of the new iPhone ACFE app

The ACFE and its members evolve

Overview of events and highlights from the 24th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

The future of Internet education

Article on how anti-fraud educators can reach thousands of students via massive open online courses (MOOCs).

The first 25 years

timeline of the ACFE's first 25 years, plus famous frauds occurring during that time

Nine candidates selected for ACFE Board of Regents’ ballot

overview of the nine candidates selected for ACFE Board of Regents’ ballot

One CFE's View

Clients often don't understand the process, litigators lack the training, and accountants don't have the mandate. CFEs are poised to assume an even more responsible role in fighting fraud in the marketplace.