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Starting out

New Graduate Extols Internship Programs

Students Must Show Passion for Fraud Fighting

Fraud EDge Columnist Richard Hurley discusses the key traits required for fraud examiners and provide recommendations for prospective CFEs

Certification Supervisor Leads Life and Work with Creativity

A staff profile of ACFE Certification Supervisor Christi Thornton-Hranicky, CFE.

An Interview with Ralph Q. Summerford, CFE, CPA, ABV, CIRA

Learn from CFE and business owner Ralph Summerford as he shares lessons from the early days of his firm to the challenges he now faces.

25 Ways to Get Career Experience

You need experience to get a job as a fraud examiner, but you need a job to get experience. Here are some ways to get the career experience you need.

Markopolos' Testimony Inspires Teachers and Students

Take a look at the lessons from Markopolos’ journey for justice to learn to prepare our students to be the best future fraud fighters.

What Happened in Vegas ...

The 20th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas sets attendee record despite recession. Read highlights from the event.

Risky Business

After 29 years of working in the gaming industry, Robert Rudloff, now vice president of internal audit for MGM MIRAGE, has had the opportunity to work through a wide variety of auditing and fraud challenges.

Mentors Can Help Mold Careers

Mentors can help you increase your skills, learn more about your organization, and find a job. They can influence your leadership and management abilities and give you a sense of direction long after you've graduated from school.

Shaun Aghili, DBA, CFE

Interview with Shaun Aghili, DBA, CFE