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Beware of These New Cellphone Identity Theft Scams

Article describing how fraudsters are exploiting the cellphone arena to market their scams and harvest personally identifiable information.

Data Breaches, a 3-part Series Breaking Breach Secrecy, Part 1

Corporations are deathly afraid of data breaches, but they need to proactively protect themselves and be frank with consumers when they are attacked. Here is help for counseling your organizations or clients.

And they're off!

Three former frat brothers devised a high-tech scheme to win $3 million at the Breeders' Cup. Here's how they did it and how investigators quickly caught them.

Find the money — now

Outlining articles in the November/December 2012 issue of Fraud Magazine, including asset recovery

ActiveData for Excel®

Enable yourself to examine data easily and provide new levels of control over your information from within the Microsoft Excel® environment with the software application, ActiveData for Excel®.

New banking identity theft scams inject fake chat boxes, rogue web pages

article on how fraudsters are using live chat and fake free credit card fraud insurance to install malware on your computer

Online battlefield: Cyber attack vectors, part two

Facts and information about cyber-attack vectors, part 2 of 3 parts.

Cyber criminals step up their games to harvest PII

Latest updates on the newest cyber frauds

Cyber-attack vector? Who, me?

The relatively indiscriminate sharing of personal data that so many consumer websites encourage is antithetical to the safe use of corporate information resources. Facts and information about cyber-attack vectors.

The CFE Academy Experience

A bank examiner and CFE recounts her experience in attending the Association’s CFE Academy in Austin, Texas.