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Forensic Accountant
Forensic Accountants combine their accounting knowledge with investigative skills, using this unique combination in litigation support and investigative accounting settings.
Revisions of U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Changes by the U.S. Sentencing Commission to the federal sentencing guidelines could lead to a new era of corporate compliance.

Merger and Acquisition Fever

By applying their forensic accounting, analytical, and legal skills, fraud examiners can help clients identify potential issues before they commit to purchase a company, preventing unfortunate surprises after the deal has closed.

Partners in (Fighting) Crime

The University of West Florida (UWF) in Pensacola creates a partnership between campus police and internal audit to alleviate some of the work load.

Built-in Glitches

A/P software packages with "built-in controls" promise to streamline financial operations and help prevent fraud within an organization. However, no business software can completely safeguard against fraud.

Mary Jane betrays the boss and embezzles $400,000

Case study of an embezzlement

A wealth of talent, passion and tenacity

As the ACFE begins celebrating its 25th year, Fraud Magazine invited the board members to a roundtable discussion to consider the future of the fraud examination and the ACFE.

Get M.A.D. with the Numbers!

How to use commonly available spreadsheet software to quantify data from a digital frequency analysis and distill it down to a single meaningful number.

The ACFE and its members evolve

Overview of events and highlights from the 24th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

The future of Internet education

Article on how anti-fraud educators can reach thousands of students via massive open online courses (MOOCs).

The new generation speaks

President discusses the ACFE's 25th anniversary and the cover article about young CFEs