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This is an excerpt from the Association’s Fraud Examiners Manual, Third Edition. This article covers the discussion on Interview Theory and Application, pages 3.201 to 3.273

Promotional Funds Fraud

Many corporations are susceptible to promotional funds fraud - the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars annually from the promotional budgets of consumer product manufacturers. .

Leave no stone unturned . . .

In just more than one year the suspects had received almost $10 million in investor funds and then vanished without leaving a trace. Except for one little piece of evidence uncovered by the author.

Mary Jane betrays the boss and embezzles $400,000

Case study of an embezzlement

A wealth of talent, passion and tenacity

As the ACFE begins celebrating its 25th year, Fraud Magazine invited the board members to a roundtable discussion to consider the future of the fraud examination and the ACFE.

The ‘shutter bug’ case

case study on a Florida man defrauding elderly people of $450,000 by claiming to sell them hurricane shutters

The ACFE and its members evolve

Overview of events and highlights from the 24th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

Man on a mission

Interview with David Green, CB, QC, Director of U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office

The future of Internet education

Article on how anti-fraud educators can reach thousands of students via massive open online courses (MOOCs).

The first 25 years

timeline of the ACFE's first 25 years, plus famous frauds occurring during that time