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Listening to the Words

Book excerpt from "Liespotting" by Pamela Meyer

Find Deviant Behaviors, Find Fraud?

Sophisticated fraudsters may be able to conceal their frauds, but they may not hide their workplace deviant behaviors. Identifying or recognizing a correlation between the two could significantly uncover fraud.

Business charge accounts

Conclusion of discussion of fictitious expense schemes, covering business charge accounts.

Elder Abuse

With an aging population worldwide, soaring health care costs and people outliving their financial foundations, fraudsters increasingly are taking advantage of the elderly and aging.

Big money, acquisitions and consequences

The authors describe cases in which companies ignored the warning signs and faced the consequences of inadequate anti-money laundering programs.

Happily comply

Because of new anti-fraud legislation around the globe and reemphasis on FCPA enforcement, organizations have beefed up their compliance departments. CFEs, with their ingrained skill sets, can consider new job directions.

Beware of These New Cellphone Identity Theft Scams

Article describing how fraudsters are exploiting the cellphone arena to market their scams and harvest personally identifiable information.

An interview with Louis Freeh

interview with former FBI director Louis Freeh

Dodd-Frank whistleblower

Let's look at some history about the government's philosophy on compliance and whistleblowing activity.

Conflict of interest

The author outlines why conflict of interest can lead to corruption and how this information can help CFEs detect and prevent this type of fraud for their clients or organizations.