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How to Take a Financial Pulse

Spouses hide assets from each other during divorces; here is how one CFE uncovers those assets.

Elder Abuse

With an aging population worldwide, soaring health care costs and people outliving their financial foundations, fraudsters increasingly are taking advantage of the elderly and aging.

Soft Dollar Fraud

Neither the FASB nor the GASB have issued any authoritative guidance on soft dollar reporting. Consequently a great deal of soft dollar activity goes unreported, creating exposure to fraud risks.

The Real Cost of ‘Choosing Truth Over Self'

Article and interview with Michael Woodford, 2012 Sentinel Award recipient and Olympus whistleblower

Mayflower Moved Millions Out of the Government's Pockets

Case study of how the author caught the Mayflower Moving Co. stealing millions from the U.S. government.

Fraud Analytics

This column is the first in a series on data analytics and their use in fraud detection and investigation. Here, we introduce the topic while subsequent columns will focus on specific methods and techniques.

How Vigilant is Vigilant Enough?

Companies need to use the latest technology and testing methodologies to uncover red flags and patterns that could indicate corrupt schemes and transactions.

Find Deviant Behaviors, Find Fraud?

Sophisticated fraudsters may be able to conceal their frauds, but they may not hide their workplace deviant behaviors. Identifying or recognizing a correlation between the two could significantly uncover fraud.

I'm a CFE

Interview with Steve Ozan, CFE, Global Fraud Prevention Project Manager, Discover Financial Services

Steve Ozan, CFE

Profile of Steve Ozan, CFE, Global Fraud Prevention Project Manager, Discover Financial Services