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Dirty Money Takes Caribbean Cruise

While Switzerland moves to the forefront in the fight against money laundering, far more difficult obstacles are being deployed in the Caribbean. Until those nations decide to follow the example of Switzerland, the criminal element will continue to flock to their shores with their tainted money.

Comptroller, horse lady and crook, Part 1 of 2

Case study of a small-town comptroller, Rita Crundwell, accused of misappropriating more than $53 million in city funds. She has pleaded not guilty.

The kickback mine

Case study involving multiple frauds that outlines the wisdom of early interviews, the problems of "investigative myopia" and the advantages of limiting the scope of a fraud examination to save time and discover evidence.

Behind the Bankruptcy

The information contained in this article is intended to supply the reader with some bankruptcy fraud basics and common schemes that every anti-fraud professional should be familiar with.

Partners in (Fighting) Crime

The University of West Florida (UWF) in Pensacola creates a partnership between campus police and internal audit to alleviate some of the work load.

Setting the Stage to Fight Fraud

Scenario planning is a device used to strategically analyze risk. This actual case study from a certain Department of Motor Vehicles uses an example of specific risk scenarios to fight fraud.

Fraud in Europe

Results from the 1998 European Fraud Survey

'The Wizard of Lies' describes a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions

Interview with Diana Henriques, the first reporter to obtain jailhouse interviews with Madoff, and who muses about the damages he caused and the lessons for all.

Don't be fuelish

Article on risks and lessons learned from a case regarding fraud in fuel inventory

Avoiding trouble in China

In the last three decades, China has shown stunning economic and social progress. However, its super achievements have come at a cost — the dramatic resurgence of corruption and widespread fraud. Here are ways that multinational companies can keep out of trouble in China.