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    8:00 – 8:30   Registration - Breakfast Pastries  Breakfast Pastries 
    8:30 – 9:50 

    Introduction to Internal Investigations 

    In this opening session you will learn how to begin the investigation - from receiving the allegation to setting up an action plan. You will also share ideas about previous investigations and discuss techniques that have proved successful for your organization.

    Interviewing Witnesses 

    No matter what type of investigation or audit you are involved in, one thing is clear - you must communicate effectively in order to get the most useful information. This session will concentrate on gathering information from witnesses and where to go from there.

    9:50 – 10:05  Break  Break 
    10:05 – 11:25 

    Legal Elements of Internal Investigations 

    As you continue your investigation you will need to know how to gather and document evidence. Since this is an internal investigation, you will also need to know how internal investigations differ from external investigations and the pitfalls to avoid when conducting them.

    Interviewing Witnesses (Cont'd) and Admission-Seeking Interviewing 

    The discussion continues on how to interview witnesses, including learning how the interviewee may try to deceive you through either verbal or nonverbal clues. You will then move on to the subject of your investigation and the most effective methods that can be used to obtain a confession.

    11:25 – 12:25  Group Lunch  Lunch on Your Own 
    12:25 – 13:45 

    Investigating by Computer 

    Learn how to use the computer as an essential tool in conducting your investigation. It can be used as a tool to analyze data to find and prove fraud, and can also be used to present your case to management or law enforcement in an easily understandable format.

    Admission-Seeking Interviewing (Cont'd) 

    This session continues to focus on interviewing the subject as well as criteria for obtaining a signed statement. 

    13:45 – 14:00  Break  Break 
    14:00 – 15:20 

    Internal Document Collection and Analysis 

    As you know, documents play a key role in most every fraud examination. Finding the documents and then analyzing them to prove the fraud is essential. In this session you will discuss which documents you'll need, where to find them, and then analyze their importance.

    Concluding the Investigation 

    You've concluded your investigation, but your work isn't over yet. You'll need to write a report which details the results of your investigation and then present the case to management, attorneys, law enforcement, and prosecutors. This session will discuss techniques that have been used in successful report writing as well as how to present your findings that will accomplish your objectives.

    15:20 – 15:35  Break  Break 
    15:35 – 16:55  

    External Document Collection 

    Information to prove your case can be found both inside and outside your organization. This session focuses on external sources such as public information as well as information found on the Internet. Also discussed will be the use of observation in fraud examinations.

    Testifying as a Fact Witness 

    Learn how this differs from being an expert witness and the skills you'll need to be effective on the stand. It may be the most difficult part of your investigation.

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