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    Tom Slimick, CFE, CPP, is Director of Fraud Investigations & Fraud Prevention Programs at HealthSouth. He recently participated in a Q&A with the ACFE, in which he shared with us some of the challenges and successes he has experienced as an anti-fraud professional.


    profile-slimick.jpgWhat types of responsibilities do you handle in your position at HealthSouth? Are there certain areas you find the most challenging/interesting? 

     I report up to the Chief General Auditor and I am responsible for all fraud investigations, our fraud detection programs through continuous monitoring (we use IDEA for our CFM programs) and fraud prevention programs through our training programs and controls.

    How long have you been at HealthSouth? 

    I came to HealthSouth in March 2007. My position was created in response to the financial statement fraud perpetrated by the former CEO.

    What led you into the field of fraud detection and prevention? 

    My background is actually law enforcement. I retired from the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando, Fla. as the Commander of the Homicide/Crimes against Persons and Hostage Negotiations unit. I had worked with several corporations on a part-time basis handling investigations and security functions. I first went to work for Southeast Toyota Distributors in Jacksonville as their Security Director, and after a few years went to work for Barnett Banks as their Security Director. After the Bank of America merger, I moved to Bank of America's Fraud Prevention group and Directed deposit fraud services for the eastern United States until 2000. I moved to Birmingham, Ala. when I went to work for Compass Banks as their Security Director through 2007.

    I obtained my BS in Criminal Justice from Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla. while at the OCSO, then later obtained my MS degree in Security Management through Webster University while at Barnett.

    You joined the ACFE in 1996. How did you find out about the ACFE, and what compelled you to join? 

    My former boss at Barnett Banks encouraged me to get my CFE and CPP. He was a CPP through ASIS, and a CFE, as well.

    What kinds of changes have you seen in the anti-fraud profession since 1996? 

    Obviously (there is) a lot more reliance on technology with various software products to automate many functions done manually in the past. While at Compass Bank, we converted many of our internal fraud prevention systems to more advanced systems that could integrate and share data for a more comprehensive view of potential fraud.

    How has being a CFE helped you in your career and in your work? 

    It definitely helped establish my level of professionalism and expertise when being considered for jobs and promotions. The training and best practices information that is shared by fellow CFEs is tremendous as well.

    Any personal interests and/or hobbies you'd like to mention? 

    I enjoy many outdoor activities including: golf, deer, turkey and bird hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, and ATV & mountain biking. So every weekend is packed with lots of fun. I believe in the saying, "work hard -- play hard."