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    Using CFE Expertise in the Courtroom


    Peter Davis, CFE, CPA, ABV, CIRA, serves as managing director at Simon Consulting, where his projects include receiverships over Ponzi schemes, alter ego analyses, fraud investigations, commercial damages, hidden asset searches and other matters. His knowledge of fraud detection and deterrence, interpretation of financial data, and determination of business and personal damages has served him well as an expert witness. Davis has also taught on the subject of forensic accounting and receiverships at Arizona State University and has provided training on fraud and forensic accounting to numerous organizations.  


    profile-davis.jpgWhat types of cases do you find the most interesting/challenging? 

     I enjoy Ponzi analyses, alter ego matters and forensic accounting in general. It is the process of solving complex problems that is enjoyable.


    You are conversant in German and have consulted for companies in the United States, Germany and Japan. What types of unique challenges do you face when working with clients overseas?
    In particular, Japan is very different, and it takes good preparation to excel in their business environment. It is particularly important to understand the culture of the people before visiting a foreign country.


    How long have you been managing director for Simon Consulting, and where did you work previously?
    I have been a managing director at Simon Consulting for 11 years. Prior to Simon, I was with Navigant, PwC and KPMG.


    Your background is in accounting -- what led you into the realm of fraud detection and prevention?
    I enjoyed the changing environment and the challenges of litigation.


    How did you find out about the ACFE, and what compelled you to join in 1998?
    I have a passion for investigating frauds, so the ACFE was a natural fit… There has been a massive growth in the profession -- in particular, after Enron and other large frauds. It is amazing to see all the people at (the ACFE Annual) Fraud Conferences.


    You also earned your CFE credential in 1998. How has being a CFE helped you in your career and in your work?
    I believe judges like the credential when they are dealing with a fraud case.


    When you teach at Arizona State University and provide fraud and forensic accounting training to organizations, are there any words of wisdom you like to impart on your students?
    “Stay humble -- it is when we get arrogant that we fail.”


    Please tell us anything else about yourself that you would like to share.
    I have a loving wife and three beautiful children who are my greatest joy.