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    Professional Interviewing Skills

    Are people hiding the truth from you?

    Improve your effectiveness at Professional Interviewing Skills, the interview course every professional should attend. This is one of the ACFE's most highly rated courses. Find out why.

    Learn how to ask the major interview questions and avoid interview pitfalls, evaluate the interviewee's responses for signs of deception and enhance your effectiveness as an interviewer. By enhancing your interview techniques you will get more information, more insight and less deception from everyone you interview. Even experienced professionals will improve their interviewing skills with this renowned course.

    Who Should Attend: 

    Certified Fraud Examiners and other fraud investigators
    Loss prevention and security professionals
    Internal and external auditors
    Forensic accountants, lawyers and law enforcement personnel
    Business managers and professionals who conduct interviews on a regular basis

    What You Will Learn: 

    Personality styles and interviewing
    Interviewing witnesses
    Introduction to statement analysis
    Analysis of the subject’s narrative and terminology
    Semantic indicators of deception
    Steps in an admission-seeking interview
    How to take confessions and signed statements

    CPE Credits: 16

    Course Level: Basic


    None. However, as part of its comprehensive fraud examination training curriculum, the ACFE recommends taking either Conducting Internal Investigations or Auditing for Internal Fraud in conjunction with the following core courses: Principles of Fraud Examination, Professional Interviewing Skills, Investigating by Computer, Tracing Illicit Funds , and Communicating the Results of Your Fraud Examination.