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    Case Studies in Occupational Fraud 

    Case Studies in Occupational Fraud II 

    Common Ethical Lapses by CFEs 

    Compliance and the Fraud Examiner 

    Conducting Admission-Seeking Interviews 

    Conducting Effective Background Checks  

    Contract and Procurement Fraud 

    Corporate Governance for Fraud Prevention 

    Data Analysis Techniques for Fraud Examiners 

    Elements of Internal Investigations: Gathering and Protecting Evidence 

    Elements of Internal Investigations: Interviewing and Reporting 

    Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiners 

    Ethical Theory for Fraud Examiners 

    FCPA Compliance: Creating an Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program 

    FCPA Investigations: Combating Corruption in International Business 

    Financial Investigations for Non-Financial Professionals 

    Follow the Money: Tracing Concealed Assets  

    Foundations of Mortgage Fraud 

    Fraud Against Government Health Care Programs 

    Fraud Prevention 

    Fraud Risk Assessment 

    Fraud Risk Management 

    Fundamentals of Fraud Examination: Legal Elements 

    Gathering and Analyzing Information 

    Government Fraud 

    How to Build an Effective Ethics Program 

    Internal Controls for Data Security 

    Internal Controls for Fraud Prevention 

    Interviewing Prospective Witnesses 

    Introduction to Financial Statement Fraud 

    Introduction to Fraud Schemes 

    Investigating Money Laundering 

    Legal Elements: Developing Evidence and Testifying 

    Managing and Organizing a Successful Fraud Examination 

    Marketing Your Fraud Examination Practice 

    Planning and Preparing for a Successful Fraud Examination 

    Practical Ethics for Fraud Examiners 

    Preventing and Detecting Financial Institution Fraud 

    Report Writing and Signed Statements 

    The CFE as an Expert Witness 

    UK Bribery Act: Compliance and Investigation 

    Understanding the Basics of Fraud Examination 

    Working with Attorneys in Fraud Examinations  

    Written Statement Analysis 



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    Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiners 


    Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiners 

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    Fraud Risk Management 


    Fraud Risk Management 

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    Investigating Money Laundering 


    Investigating Money Laundering 

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