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  • Member Status and CPE

    Maintaining Member Status and CPEIn the event of a financial or occupational change, please consider an alternate Membership Status. All of the following membership status options are available to CFE members. Current requirements to reactivate your membership include earning a minimum of 20 CPE credits (10 of which are fraud-related) in the last 12 months prior to reactivation. All requirements under each status are subject to change.


    If you qualify and would like to request a change in your Membership status, please contact a Member Services Representative at (800) 245-3321 (USA & Canada only) or +1 (512) 478-9000 or email


    Retired Status 

    If you are fully retired from fraud-related work in a professional capacity and a member in good standing, you may qualify for retired status. You may not solicit or perform any paid employment or consulting services related to fraud. Retired members shall use the credential "CFE-Retired". Retired members are not required to maintain CPE requirements, but retain full membership benefits including receipt of publications and discounts on ACFE products and training events. The ACFE will remove your work contact information from the membership database and all correspondence will be sent to your home address.


    Inactive Status 

    If you are temporarily not involved in a fraud-related field, but wish to remain abreast of current events and intend to reactivate your CFE credential, you may transfer to inactive status. While you are inactive you retain membership benefits; however, you cannot use the CFE credential and are not required to maintain CPE requirements.


    Unemployed Status 

    If you become unemployed and are actively job searching, please send notification by mail or email to the ACFE Membership Department explaining the nature and dates of your circumstances. If your request to transfer to unemployed status is approved, you may continue to use the CFE credential; however, you are not required to maintain CPE requirements. Upon your next membership renewal you will be placed back into active CFE status and will need to submit a new request should you remain unemployed. Unemployed membership status is an electronic status which automatically opts you in to receive Fraud Magazine and other ACFE provided resources electronically.



    Current requirements to reactivate your CFE from CFE-Retired, Inactive, or Unemployed status include earning a minimum of 20 CPE credits (10 of which must be fraud-related) in the twelve months prior to reactivation and completing an application for resubmission. These requirements are subject to change. To obtain a CFE Reactivation application, contact a Member Services Representative at (800) 245-3321 (USA & Canada only) or +1 (512) 478-9000 or email


    A Certified Fraud Examiner whose membership has been expired for nonpayment of dues for three consecutive years or less may be reinstated as a CFE in good standing by applying for reinstatement to the ACFE. This includes paying any required reactivation or application fees and by certifying that he or she has completed sufficient CPE within 12 months prior to applying for reactivation. Visit for more information.


  • Maintaining the CFE Credential

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