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  • Extensions of CPE Compliance Deadlines

    CFEs may request a 30-day extension of their CPE compliance deadline. Visit to request this extension.

    Additional extensions for CPE compliance may be granted for extenuating circumstances. Circumstances that may qualify for an extension include loss of employment and hospitalization. To apply for an extension, a written request may be sent to the ACFE citing the special circumstances. Requests may be sent by email to


  • Maintaining the CFE Credential

    Maintaining the Credential 

    CPE 101: What You Need to Know 

    CPE 101: How to Earn CPE 

    CPE 101: Acceptable Fields of Study 

    Maintaining CPE Records / CPE Audit  

    Extensions of Deadlines 

    New CFEs and CPE 

    Member Status and CPE 

    Certify CPE Compliance