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    Founded by three former law enforcement and government professionals, the ACFE has long believed that fraud can only be controlled through the mutual cooperation of the public and the private sectors. Through the ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Partnership, there are increasing numbers of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) in law enforcement and government agencies.


    Read what some of them are saying about the Certified Fraud Examiner credential:


    From the Dow Jones Newswires WASHINGTON, By Sarah N. Lynch  


    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary L. Schapiro said Wednesday that the agency is taking steps to improve examiners' skill sets by allowing them to take classes to become Certified Fraud Examiners.


    She made the announcement before a House Appropriations subcommittee on financial services, where she testified about the SEC's budget and discussed her wide-ranging plans to improve the agency's oversight of the markets.


    "[The CFE] is a very good credential. It teaches about forensic accounting issues and fraud spotting," Schapiro said. "It's something we could do very quickly to help jump-start the skill set issue," she added.


    Read SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro’s Testimony before the Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations.


    “The mission of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is of great value to the FBI and our continued fight against terrorism and crime throughout the nation….The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation denotes proves expertise in fraud prevention, detection, deterrence and investigation. As a result, the FBI will continue utilizing the CFE as one of the criteria to select our most competitive Special Agent applicants…Applicants who possess the CFE designation possess a skill deemed critical to the FBI and will continue to be recruited by the FBI.”

    Joseph L. Ford
    Former Associate Deputy Director
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    October 23, 2007

    Read more about the FBI’s recognition of the CFE credential 



    “Each day, Deputy U.S. Marshals in our Asset Forfeiture Financial Investigator Program are involved in investigating illicit financial transactions that facilitate or generate proceeds of illegal activity. Working with our partner law enforcement agencies, our investigations involve the identification, seizure, and collection of evidence to support the forfeiture of assets used or acquired by criminal enterprises.

    An official designation by your organization will enhance our mission, and, therefore, I will support our criminal investigators who seek to obtain certification as a Certified Fraud Examiner. Endorsing this official recognition within the U.S. Marshals Service Asset Forfeiture Financial Investigator Program is an important step in building a partnership with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Unity between law enforcement and anti-fraud organizations leads to progress in combating financial crimes in our communities that victimize everyone.”

    Jason R. Wojdylo, CFE
    Assistant Chief Inspector
    Asset Forfeiture Division
    U.S. Marshals Service



    "We fully endorse the Certified Fraud Examiner designation as evidenced by the fact that all permanent FSI staff are required to obtain and maintain the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation. In order to maintain our CFE status, FSI has participated in annual Association of Certified Fraud Examiners training which has been without exception outstanding.”

    Gregory D. Kutz
    Managing Director
    Forensic Audits and Special Investigations
    U.S. Government Accountability Office



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