• Fraud's Hidden Cost to You and Your Organization


    Fraud's Hidden CostFraud's Hidden Cost to You and Your Organization is a new resource exclusively for CFEs.


    Employee education is one of the most effective methods of preventing fraud from occurring within your organization. Because of this, we have created Fraud’s Hidden Cost to You and Your Organization, an employee training program designed to:


    Teach employees about common types of occupational fraud

    What warning signs to be alert for

    What to do if they suspect fraud


    This downloadable package consists of:


    A 25-minute training video

    A workbook and a set of slides that you can use to help educate employees about fraud

    An FAQ document to help answer some of the more common questions employees might have during such training


    CFEs, access your resource now:



    We hope you find this set of resources helpful in protecting your organization from fraud.